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Event Report

It’s A Good Day To Have Great Adventures

This Easter 47 Explorers, Network and Scout Active Support members returned to Great Tower for an amazing weekend walking, climbing and ghyll scrambling in the Lake District. Arriving on Thursday, some at a respectable time, others at 1:30 am after getting lost near (not in) a ford, everyone’s beds were calling for a good night’s sleep. Friday started with a fabulous hearty breakfast and everyone getting split into groups for …Read More

30 Spectacular Years of Adventure

” I am looking for someone to share in an adventure that I am arranging, and it’s very difficult to find anyone.” “I should think so- in these parts! We are plain quiet folk and have no use for adventures. Nasty, disturbing, uncomfortable things! Make you later for dinner, I can’t think what anybody sees in them.” Unlike Bilbo Baggins in The Hobbit, who is dead set against any kind …Read More

HSX Christmas Adventure Race

Christmas time was once again celebrated by the HSX Christmas weekend, and with it the infamous Adventure Race. After a stock up on supplies for the gruelling 3 hour event and a quick brief we all set out in the muddy new forest.   As we all had different tactics the start of the race was manic with all the pairs running off in different directions to the check points. …Read More

teamHSX in Trail Running Magazine

Our very own Lucky CFO Alan Braithwaite went out into the New Forest yesterday with two other lucky readers of Trail Running Magazine, the Editor & a photographer to do an article for next autumns edition of Trail Running Magazine. We can ensure you it will be worth a read.

Christmas Adventure Race

As with every year, HSX had their annual forum on the approach to Christmas and has been the tradition for the past three years, this year was also the Adventure Race. Once again, the weather kept us on our toes. 2008 had rain and floods, 2009 had ice and cold and 2010 saw a fresh supply of snow dump on the Friday night.. Anyway, thanks to Chris Laws for putting …Read More

HSX Annual Adventure Race – Results

Now in it’s 2nd year, the eagerly anticipated HSX Winter Adventure Race gave 18 competitors the opportunity to lose all feeling in their feet. Sub zero temperatures and some sneaky control placements meant some runners learnt some route choice lessons the hard way, by ending up waste deep in freezing bogs. The route planner (me) also learnt something about remembering to tell everyone about moving controls to a different location. …Read More

Team HSX @ The Omm 2009

What a year at the OMM it was. This year due to the rain and media storm last year, the organiser’s had moved the start away from the Event HQ, this added some time onto everybody’s day, but nothing too bad.. The Elan Valley, Builth Wells & Ian’s parents house were all great settings for The OMM. Having never been to the Elan valley before and having not experienced the …Read More

HSX ART @ The Omm 2009

After last years epic Omm, where the BBC reported 1500 people ‘missing’ in the Lake District and the event was cancelled for the first time in over 40 years, HSX ART are back to win over one of the toughest races in the Adventure Racing calendar. This year it’s to be held in the Elan Valley, Mid Wales. Follow the exploits of the team at the official Omm website www.theomm.com …Read More


Saturday 15th August saw Alan Braithwaite and James Fry of the HSX ART at the ACE Race at the Queen Elizabeth Country Park. Alan raced as a solo for HSX ART and James raced as one half of a pair as the team The Lost Boys. It was a great day out where luckily the hot hot sun we?d had, disappeared behind some clouds for the day, which was good …Read More

HSX ART @ The Rat Race, Sheffield

The 1st/2nd August saw HSX ART enter the Rat Race in Sheffield. The Rat Race bills itself as the Ultimate Urban Adventure (basically an adventure race in the city rather than in the mountains). It was a great couple of days which saw the team partake in the Mean Streets first, a 2.5 hours assault on foot of Sheffield city centre. We were given an A-2-Z of Sheffield and had …Read More