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New Years Eve

Today we woke up early to be out the hostel by 6:00 and had a quick shower before heading out to the tourist centre to get on the penguin tour. We were on the boat by 8:00 and headed out. We had a quick brief about how the tour was going to happen but halfway through we were interrupted by some of the crew members calling for everyone to look …Read More

Punta Arenas Cultural Exchange

We’ve had a busy few days since we last updated you so here we go. Christmas Eve started with a trip south of the city to Fuertre Bulnes. This was the first settlement in the area and we found it fascinating to see how the settlers survived the harsh conditions. Montserrat also led us on a walk around the area to several viewpoints where we could look out over the …Read More

Torres Del Paine Update

Hi everyone. It’s been a few days since our last update, so we thought we’d let you know what we’ve been up too! Friday 15th Dec Today the team had a later start than normal; with the aim to climb Cerro Paine – a hill immediately behind our campsite we an equally impressive look out towards the Towers. Given we were unlucky with our attempts to see the towards the …Read More

Torres Del Paine – we’re finally here!

Just a quick update today (limited WiFi on the in National Park!). Arrived in the Torres Del Paine National Park yesterday after a 6 coach ride from Punta Arenas (featuring a quick stop off en-route at Puerto Natales!). The views on the the way over were out of this world and the picture just don’t do them justice. We stopped off at loads of view points and could have easily …Read More

Expedition so far

After a refreshing nights sleep and a hearty Chilean breakfast the team were ready to hit the town. As we stepped out onto the streets, we were hit by a wall of bliss heat. The 30°C heat was a welcome change from dreary cold of England. The first stop of the day was el Museo National de Bellas Artes in downtown Santiago. The cool building was a welcome respite from …Read More

And so it begins

After the best part of 24 hours of traveling the Patagonia team made its way to Santiago. The trip out couldn’t have gone smoother, with a short layover in São Paulo providing a much needed chance to stretch their legs. Meeting our taxi driver at arrivals, we soon had our duffle bags precariously balanced on the roof of the minivan, and headed into the city, passing a few well known …Read More

Jurassic Triple – The Challenge of all Challenges!

“Who said that was the Rollercoaster? Rollercoaster are meant to be fun… that was more like the Hills of Hell!”   Two weeks after completing the Jurassic Triple, the team have just about recovered from what has been the single hardest challenge to date. Running a marathon is often regarded as one of the hardest physical and mental endurance events a person can undertake, dragging oneself around a 26.2 mile …Read More

Jurassic Triple – Route information!

It’s just over a week to go until the Antarctica team take on their next grueling challenge… the Jurassic Triple! The months of training have been building up to this, three back-braking marathons along Dorset’s the South West Coastal Path. We are running it over 3 days from Friday 6th May to Sunday 8th May, staying in local Scout huts along the way. The team will be supported along the route by members …Read More