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We are Hampshire Scout Expeditons

HSX is an Explorer and Network Scout group that specialises in running international expeditions and outdoor skills training for Hampshire Scouts.

About Us

Empowering Young People

We are a group of like-minded people in Hampshire Scouting who enjoy outdoor activities, and want to challenge ourselves personally, as well as supporting others in achieving their dreams.

Explorers, come explore with us.

Young leaders, come lead with us.


HSX revolves around taking teams of young leaders, Network and Explorer Scouts to the far corners of the world on rewarding and memorable adventures.


Weekends away in the hills focus on building core technical skills so all members to enjoy the countryside while keeping them selves and others safe. Training is based around both Scout awards and national governing body awards.



From hillwalking to climbing, abseiling to mountain biking – if it’s outdoors and fun we’ll probably give it a go.



As well as technical outdoor skills, we find that expedition members tend to grow personal skills when faced with the challenges that come their way when stepping out of their comfort zone.


News and updates

Latest Blogs

Snowdonia 2023

Snowdonia 2023

October saw 21 members of HSX return to Snowdonia for the first time since 2019. The aim of the weekend was to build up on experiences from earlier in the year, putting into practice peoples navigating and route findings skills, and introducing the young people to...

June Peaks 2022

June Peaks 2022

In June 2022 HSX returned to the Peak District for a weekend of climbing and walking. 16 leaders and young people departed from Hampshire on the Friday night and headed up to Spitewinter Scout Campsite outside Chesterfield. Thankfully it wasn't raining when we arrived...

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