HSX Annual Adventure Race – Results

Now in it’s 2nd year, the eagerly anticipated HSX Winter Adventure Race gave 18 competitors the opportunity to lose all feeling in their feet. Sub zero temperatures and some sneaky control placements meant some runners learnt some route choice lessons the hard way, by ending up waste deep in freezing bogs. The route planner (me) also learnt something about remembering to tell everyone about moving controls to a different location. Still, everyone returned with smiles on their faces and there was even talk of a summer race (anyone want to volunter to set the route?)

With only 2 teams arriving withing the time limit of 3 hours and 2 points lost per minute late, the scores threw up some interesting results. Overall winners were Alan and Chris, having collected all 10 checkpoints but returning around 20 minutes late, finishing with an impressive score of ~160.

Full results will appear below (when I manage to make it through the snow to work, where the piece of paper with the scores is)

Open Class
Alan and Chris
2) Rich and Rich
3) Craig and Tom
To come
5) To come

To come

To come

To come

Charlotte and Hayley

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