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Men wanted for hazardous journey. Low wages, bitter cold, long hours of complete darkness. Safe return doubtful. Honour and recognition in event of success.

A lot has changed since Shackleton posted this ad prior to his Endurance Expedition, however the sentiment remains the same.

As I sit here typing, the wind is blowing outside of my window but the sun is still shining despite the year approaching the winter months.  This now gets me to thinking about the colder months and everything HSX has coming up (while also longing for the balmy summer of 2018!).

This year has shown us achieve so much, as well as visiting all of the home nations on expedition, HSX have also visited Norway (in February) and, most recently France, Italy and Switzerland as we faced the Tour Du Mont Blanc (just a week ago).  Clearly this is not enough and our itchy feet continue to push us onto our next adventure.

Since 2012, a small group within HSX have been pushing the boundaries, trying to follow in the footsteps of some of the great explorers, their goal to be the first Scout Expedition to reach the South Pole!  Now that dream is actually a reality, after a lot of hard work and changes to the team, we have managed to secure funding for a bid to be made on the Pole.  However, forever striving to go ‘always a little further’, not only do we want to ski to the pole, we want to kite ski back!  This is where we need your help, to achieve the second part of the expedition we need to raise more funds.  For this to happen, we need another £30,000.  This may seem like a lot, however not being a team to shy away from a challenge we still feel it can be done….

Even sat here, above the wind outside, I can hear you ask ‘how can I help you raise that crazy amount of money?’.  Now there are lots of ways for you to do this, but we don’t just want you to dip into your pockets, we want you to be involved in this, to be inspired to reach your Everest or to set out to your South Pole.  The team have developed the Antarctica Challenge Badge and this is where you can help.  The challenge badge details a number of different elements of the Challenge for you to complete and at the end you will be awarded with the coveted challenge badge itself!

Get inspired, get involved, get the badge!


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