Jurassic Triple – Route information!

Jurassic Triple – Route information!

It’s just over a week to go until the Antarctica team take on their next grueling challenge… the Jurassic Triple!
The months of training have been building up to this, three back-braking marathons along Dorset’s the South West Coastal Path. We are running it over 3 days from Friday 6th May to Sunday 8th May, staying in local Scout huts along the way. The team will be supported along the route by members of HSX and other Scouts from Hampshire and Dorset.
Each evening we will be presenting to the Scouts in that area about our expedition, inspiring the next generation of explorers to take on their own personal challenges.
We would love it if you would like to get involved with the challenge, either running with us for part of the day or the whole day if you are up to it, or if you’re not felling quite that energetic, why not cheer us along at one of our check points, or help to liaise with the Media on the final day.
You can see our routes for the three days on the maps below, which highlights our checkpoints.

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  1. All the best for your amazing triple marathon next weekend – I’ll be following your progress. Hope it goes well !

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