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Project Progress (Day 2)

Day 2

After the success of laying the concrete slab on day 1 of the project we moved onto the walls. Bram was established as the Project manager, he took the lead with his newly purchased plumb line and trowel. All hands were used mixing mortar and moving blocks into place ready to be laid. The group washing line consisting of 30m of paracord was used as the string line to get the walls straight. The overall plan for the building is a half height wall with windows at the top. The day went really well laying 3 courses of blocks on all 4 walls. The last task of the day was to insert a steel rod across the wall before the 4th course to strengthen the wall. 

Others made a start on repairing the nets on the goals on the playing field. 

The building close to the finish of the day.


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