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Peru 2010

Peru Team on Radio 1!

Fearne Cotton is off to the Inca trail on Saturday, so who better to give her advice than the HSX peru team. Joe and Katie spent a couple of mintues chatting to Fearne giving her all the advice that she could ever need for the trail!

Since the Inca Trail…

After the Inca trail we made our way to the nearby town of Aguas Calientes for a couple of days rest and relaxation before we returned to Cuzco. Our first afternoon was spent visiting the many local shops and markets to look for souvenirs ranging from chess sets to ponchos to the ever popular stripy trousers. The leaders explained to us that we would be given a certain amount of …Read More

The Inca Trail

The trail started for us in a place called Patapata which is 2 days before the start to the actual Inca Trail, we were to spend this time on another part of the old inca trails on what is now called the Chilca circuit. This section took us to our highest pass called Huyanyay at around 4800m on only the second day walking. The team all did extremely well and we were soon …Read More

Looking Forward

Hi All, Firstly we would like to thank you all for your support. We are all very grateful for all the kind comments to our post’s. This is a quick note to let you know that as we start the 6 day Inca Trail tomorrow morning there will be no updates for at least 7 days from today. The team are all excited and reassured we are in very good hands …Read More

Last days of the project…….

As we enter the final few days of our project at Azul Wazi, we are starting to run low on jobs. The work on the hut has more or less ended, since the only work still to be done is the welding of the window frames, which requires a skilled welder. Because of this on Monday we began work on the bridge, which crosses the drainage ditch outside the gates …Read More

Project (Day4/5), Museum’s and more old Walls…

On Thursday (project day 4) we continued rendering, and completed most of the walls, leaving only a small amount to finish on the Friday. The welder arrived with the metal Bram had bought on the previous days expedition to Cusco, and a team spent the day helping him. Their first job was to sand down the six beams of metal to get them smooth enough to paint electric blue! We …Read More

Sand, Rendering & Crazy Cusco Journey (Day 3)

So now the bases of  the walls were finished it was time to start the rendering/plastering of the insides of the walls. We had no sand and instead of ordering it we decided to save money by diggin it up from a local river flood plain that was about 300 m away. Dave came up with the  genius idea of filling our rucsacks with the sand to carry it back …Read More

Project Progress (Day 2)

Day 2 After the success of laying the concrete slab on day 1 of the project we moved onto the walls. Bram was established as the Project manager, he took the lead with his newly purchased plumb line and trowel. All hands were used mixing mortar and moving blocks into place ready to be laid. The group washing line consisting of 30m of paracord was used as the string line to …Read More

Rafting and project (Day 1)

On Sunday 8th we went white water rafting on the Urubamba river. We left the orphanage at half 8 and drove to the river which took a long time. We met our guides, who were experienced on the river and started paddling at 10. We were on the river for about 3 hours and when we got off we had a BBQ lunch, which was cooked by one of the …Read More

Cuzco and Azul Wasi

We arrived into sunny Cuzco by plane which is at about 3000 metres, some of the team felt the effects of the altitude but soon became aclimmatised and started to enjoy the beautiful scenery and gorgeous weather. We were then taken to our hostel in San Sebastian district before braving the local taxis into central  Cusco where we had our first Peruvian meal in a small restaurant which gave us a taste of the …Read More