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Project (Day4/5), Museum’s and more old Walls…

On Thursday (project day 4) we continued rendering, and completed most of the walls, leaving only a small amount to finish on the Friday. The welder arrived with the metal Bram had bought on the previous days expedition to Cusco, and a team spent the day helping him. Their first job was to sand down the six beams of metal to get them smooth enough to paint electric blue! We then helped hacksawing the beams down to size for welding into window frames, while the rest of the team did the (women’s job apparently!) of scraping the render off the floor of the room, leaving a nice smooth concrete slab. By the end of day we had a complete window frame – but due to the wonky wooden frame (built by the team before us!) it didn’t quite fit.

This meant that on Friday (project day 5) the welder was busy modifing the frame to fit, and moving on to weld other frames in situ. The rest of us continued rendering which was finished by lunchtime, (finished render) after which most of the team decamped to Oropesa to play football, shop or use the internet. We came back to a typical evening of socialising, soup for dinner and diary writing.

On Saturday we did a massive coach tour of the beautiful sacred valley. Our first stop was the viewpoint for the sacred valley, from which we the could see most of the lush farmland of the valley and the snow covered mountains of the Andes brap (Alex made me write brap!) It was a popular coach stop and many randoms with annoying whistles kept coming up to us but this didn’t entice us to buy one!

We continued on to the ancient market town of Pisac where we saw lots of colorful stalls with clothes bracelets and voodoo dolls (called voodoo by Dave as an excuse because he’s scared of them.) After a snack of inside out pizza we jumped back on the coach and continued along the valley.

We arrived at our lunch stop after another hour of gorgeous scenery. Ollantaytamba is a huge site of terraces used for farming, and the start of an Inca temple abandoned because of invasion. The stones are huge and its really hard to imagine how they got them up the hill from the quary site on the opposite side of the valley. There was also an amazing house, which we could imagine them living in, we got to stand in the top floor windows looking down onto the room below.

After a failed attempt to visit some salt mines (vetoed because we found out we had to pay) we continued to some awesome circular terraces (Moray), which looked like a huge arena.

We were taught a game here by the Peruvian scouts called the Spider Game. Six of the guys had to make a circular rugby scrum leaning shoulder to shoulder I (Becky) then had to jump on top of the scrum, put my arms round Dave’s waist and flip over! I then had to hold myself upside down whilst five other people got in similar positions round the circle. More people were supposed to get on top to make a spider but we all fell over too quickly!

We then had an epic journey home of 2 and a half hours on the coach. Everyone pretty much went to bed straight away when we got back because we were all so tired.

Sunday was another day full of tours. We travelled into Cusco on an extremely full bus, which was probably way over the weight limit! We walked around Cusco and into an underground museum where we found out all about the Inca’s traditions. We then arrived at the main square where a huge parade was going on. There were dancers and muscians everywhere, it was incredible to watch. Our team, then had a steep walk up to some more ruins which were called Sexy Women. By this point in the day we were all absolutely starving, but we found smooth rocks which everyone slide down. This cheered us up a lot!

We then walked into Cusco town centre to our guide’s house for lunch. We ate 1/4 chicken and chips each! So we were absolutely stuffed by the time it came to walk into the market square, where we saw furniture being sold on the side of the street! It was crazy! Getting a bus back to Oropesa proved difficult with the number of us that there were, but we managed to get a lift in a small minibus. By the time we reached Oropesa square the festival was over so we walked back to Asul Wasi, only to find that there had been a power cut, so diaries where written by candle light.

Becky and Katrina

9 Responses to "Project (Day4/5), Museum’s and more old Walls…"

  • Teresa
    August 16, 2010 - 22:11

    WOW Thanks to all for keeping us so well informed, like everyone has said it looks so wonderful
    and the work you are doing is wonderful too, Joe we love and miss you lots but most of all we are all jealous, perhaphs us oldies should all go next time and make you lot jealous !

    Take Care and make the most of every opportunity

    Teresa (Mum Doherty) xxx

  • Sue Morley
    August 16, 2010 - 22:34

    I’m enjoying reading your adventures so keep them coming. Keep up with the good work, can’t wait to see the finished project.
    Sue (Ross’ mum xxx)

  • Charlotte Wride
    August 17, 2010 - 14:56

    Sounds like you are all having a wonderful time. Can’t wait to see Andrew’s new trousers!

    Charlotte (Andrew’s mum) xxx

  • Pam Wort
    August 17, 2010 - 20:51

    Looks like you are all having a great time – enjoying reading the blogs and seeing the photos – keep them coming. Didn’t realise it would be so hot out there – thought it was cold??

  • Jennie Craven
    August 17, 2010 - 23:25

    Hi everyone. I’m so enjoying reading the updates and seeing the photos of Peru. It’s amazing what you are all achieving. The classroom/dinning room, rebuilding the bridge. How are the children at Orphanage – it’s such a special project. Good Luck for the Inca Trail and A/AS levels for this Thursday!

    James we love you, proud of you and miss you! Katie we’re so proud of you and what you’re achieving with this adventure!
    Jennie (James mum & Katie’s Explorer Leader) xxx

  • Simon
    August 18, 2010 - 09:40

    Hello everyone,

    The updates are great – keep them coming. Really pleased you are all having such a good time. Happy “special” day to Steven for 18th August – thinking of you. Is there a football league running with the children of the orphanage? I bet they are winning!

    Simon, Sarah and Debbie.

  • KAte Calvert
    August 18, 2010 - 12:21

    Great Blog, guys – keep it up! All sorts of memories flooding back. Look after that amazing place, give my love to Raf, keep drinking fluid, wash your hands and don’t get sunburnt!
    stay safe
    Kate, Neil MAx in NZ

  • Chris Laws
    August 18, 2010 - 16:39

    Really glad to see that the expedition is going so well, and thank you for keeping those of us not lucky enough to be there up to date with all the latest news!


  • Kirsty Bonney
    August 18, 2010 - 22:38

    Sounds like you are having a fab time! As Kate says reading it is bringing back loads of brilliant memories of Inca 2K1 & I am sure you will have just as brilliant a trip as we did. Send Rafael my regards when you next catch up with him too.
    and 1 more top tip to add to Kates… wear a hat to avoid sunstroke!!!

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