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Last days of the project…….

As we enter the final few days of our project at Azul Wazi, we are starting to run low on jobs.

The work on the hut has more or less ended, since the only work still to be done is the welding of the window frames, which requires a skilled welder. Because of this on Monday we began work on the bridge, which crosses the drainage ditch outside the gates to the orphanage. The original bridge was simply two sets of logs lying across the ditch, one set for each wheel of a car, truck or coach. Unfortunately this proved to be somewhat less than robust, and the saturday before last failed under the weight of our coach, as we returned from a day trip.

Our first task was to build concrete bases on either side of the ditch. These supported the sides of the ditch, preventing them from colapsing, and also provided a solid base for the new logs which where placed over the supports on tuesday. Meanwhile, the team members not involved in the bridge project, attempted to find other small jobs. These included repairing the other goal net, allowing the orphans to play football with less risk of loosing the ball, fitting locks to the toilet doors and various plumbing jobs such as replacing leaking tap to a new stop cock closer to the ground from the water tower.

yesterday (wednesday) was mostly occupied with cleaning up the site. Building debris from both our project, and other previous groups, was collected up and sorted into one pile out of the way, litter was also picked up and disposed of. After the work was inished we walked to the football stadium and had a very small but extremely tiring football match after which we walked back and prepared to have dinner and a leaving campfire. We had dinner and we gave Asul Wazi an amazing painting of the peru trip logo that Bertie and Becky had painted. They were extremely pleased with it and the gave us some pizza as a reward for the hard work we had done. Once we tidied up we gave temporary buff tattoos to the orphans and went out side where we began the camp fire. The campfire was amazing, there was a lot of dancing and singing, we taught the orphans some english campfire songs and in return they taught us some Spanish campfire songs. Once the campfire was finished some of us went to bed but most of us stayed up to receive their results.

Andrew & Ross

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