Torres Del Paine – we’re finally here!

Torres Del Paine – we’re finally here!

Just a quick update today (limited WiFi on the in National Park!).

Arrived in the Torres Del Paine National Park yesterday after a 6 coach ride from Punta Arenas (featuring a quick stop off en-route at Puerto Natales!). The views on the the way over were out of this world and the picture just don’t do them justice. We stopped off at loads of view points and could have easily filled our memories cards with photos, the clouds and views seem to change every few seconds!

We’ve had our Russ and Jeremy moment, spotting lots of wildlife, including Andean Deers, herds of Guanaco, loads of birds and eagles and even a couple of low flying Condors!!!! Just holding out for an elusive Puma…

Today we hiked to Mirador Base Las Torres view point. It was a 20km day, with about 1,000m of ascent – taking about 8.5 hours in total (so we’re all fairly tired tonight!). At the top of this world famous view point we were greeted by… a complete white out and blizzard – so much for spotting some of the world famous climbs!

Tomorrow we’re off to hike another local hill to see if we can get a better view of the Towers (fingers crossed!) before setting off on the next leg of the W-Trek on Saturday.

Stay tuned to the blog – we’ll hopefully have another update further along the Trek!

Adios Amigos!

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  1. Buena suerte a todos. Espero que van a aprender un poco de español allí. Un gran beso a Tilda.

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