And so it begins

And so it begins

After the best part of 24 hours of traveling the Patagonia team made its way to Santiago. The trip out couldn’t have gone smoother, with a short layover in São Paulo providing a much needed chance to stretch their legs.

Meeting our taxi driver at arrivals, we soon had our duffle bags precariously balanced on the roof of the minivan, and headed into the city, passing a few well known sights on the way in.

Upon arriving at the hotel, the team quickly changed out of their uniform, donning flip flops, shorts and cameras, before heading out to explore the gardens of Cerro Santa Lucia. The park is criss crossed with footpath which seem to lead to nowhere and stair cases which just stop. Persevering the team made it to the top of the hill, team be greeted with their first proper views of the Andes!

We popped out for an early (by Chilean standards) dinner and are just about ready to hit the sack. Busy day planned tomorrow exploring the City!

P.S. we tried to upload more pictures for you, but the app didn’t seem to like it. Will try again in a couple of days!

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