Am I fit enough for an expedition?

If any member of HSX were given £1 for every time somebody asked the question, “Am I fit enough to join one of your expeditions?”  or questioned whether they are the right person for “that kind of adventure” I think we would all be in a position to quit our jobs, buy a round the world plane ticket and travel the world forever.

But we don’t get £1, we just reply to each person the only way we know how. It’s simple.

We don’t have any fitness requirements, as long as you have a sense of adventure and willingness to participate, then you’re more than welcome.

Just so you know where I am coming from with this advice, I am a normal person. That is to say, I am not super fit nor super human, I don’t run marathons, I can just about crawl 5k, I don’t lift weights, I think push ups and burpees are quite frankly torturous, (I only do them so I can eat more food) and I don’t find carrying a backpack easy or fun, but periodically I set myself a bit of a challenge, something to look forward to, and I get fit and prepared for it.

My next challenge is Patagonia 2017, in this expedition, there will be a trekking aspect, I want to be able to enjoy this without worrying that I’m slowing people down, I want to take in and explore this most beautiful landscape, the fitter I am, the better my body can adapt to the environment.


As much as we don’t have any fitness requirements, we do promote it around expeditions, as the fitter you are, the more likely you are able to enjoy and get the most out of the expedition. That is why the leadership team have taken it upon themselves to get fit.

Recently we had a fitness session run by JK Lifestyle and Fitness who put us through our paces, although from the photos it just looks like we are lying on the floor, we did a multitude of circuits, it was hot, tough and challenging, but most importantly we completed it as a team, and had a laugh along the way.

Enjoy these photos of the leadership team turning delightful shades of beetroot…

Now, where’s that cupcake?

If our expedition sounds like something that you  would be interested in… Why not join us ?

Please contact us and get involved!

In order to sign up, we have created a Google form to be completed by Saturday 27th August.


Email: ( or stay tuned to the blog for more details.


Twitter: @HSXofficial #Pat2017

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