Chief Scout Gold Award- What’s Your Next Challenge?

The Chief Scout’s Gold Award is the highest award that you can achieve in the scout section. It is a difficult badge to earn, and to do so you must complete a number of challenges – including learning about the world, teamwork, and adventure. The young people that have earned this award have shown great resilience, commitment, and determination, and  should all be rightfully proud of their achievements.


To complete the award, each participant must achieve 6 or more of these nine elements.

* World Challenge Award * Skills Challenge Award *Creative Challenge Award *Outdoors Challenge Award *Adventure Challenge Award *Expedition Challenge Award *Teamwork Challenge Award *Team Leader Challenge Award *Personal Challenge Award

At face value they all seem like separate elements, which in a sense they are, but, if looked at another way, they are all interlinked, and it can be hard to achieve one, without the addition of another supporting you.

Just like this award, our expedition is made up of many elements, as a team we will work together, encounter personal challenges, learn new skills, face the world and experience new cultures and traditions.

Scouting is a powerful force in shaping young people and empowering them to identify and realise their ambitions. Through an expedition, fears are conquered, friendships are strengthened, new relationships are built, unforgettable stories are written, character is revealed, potential is fulfilled and confidence soars! (We can give you another 20 reasons if you’d like!)

So why not take your Scouting adventure further? Hampshire Scout Expeditions have 30 years+ experience in running expeditions abroad, and we are looking for some enthusiastic young adventures to come on our next 6 week expedition over Christmas/New Year 2017/18 to Patagonia.

For all those interested, information will be sent out shortly about our expedition, keep an eye out in the bi-monthly Hampshire Scout News, the weekly E-News and of course the blog and Facebook.

If this sounds like anything you would be interested in, if anyone has any questions, would like some more information, or are interested in the expedition, please contact us;

Contact us and get involved!

Email: ( or stay tuned to the blog for more details.


Twitter: @HSXofficial #Pat2017


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