Flight to Lukla: attempt number 2

Friday 6th September 2013

A 0930 revised flight was booked for today, and for once we even made it to the airport!

After finally checking in and eventually getting through the security, an area not before reached by us, and a hour wait before our flight in the departures lounge, our flight eventually was announced and we all moved over to the correct gate where a bus awaited us to take us to our plane.

Out the windows we passed planes slowly getting smaller and smaller until we reached ours. It really didn’t look like it would fit us all on, but somehow it did. Up the smallest set of stairs and many of us bumping our head getting through the smallest door, where the smallest air hostess showed us our seats, not like we had many to choose from, but we all fought for the left hand side as you get a spectacular view of the Himalayas.

After the not so bumpy flight, we unloaded in Lukla, the smallest airport many of us had seen or been to, in one piece. After lunch in our first tea house, used by the explorer Team in 2007 on their final night in  the Khumbu, we began our trek.

The trail, led by our lovely guide Kasang, followed the river through many ups and down, over many pretty sketchy bridges. We arrived in Phakding and moved our kit into our rooms then retired for some tea in the lodge.

We had some free time before dinner, of which started off with soup and popcorn, followed by curry with dhal – a spicy soup – followed by fruit salad. Before dinner some of the group played catch and ball games with a local girl, of which was fun.

That evening we all went to bed with the sound of the river flowing close to us, we are all thankful to have left Kathmandu and could breath fresh air from the pine trees all around us…

4 responses to “Flight to Lukla: attempt number 2”

  1. So glad you have finally got there and enjoying the scenary and wildlife.
    Looking forward to hearing about the community project.

  2. Looking forward to hearing all the bits between your updates .!!!!! I really think that HSX should have a SAGA Team expedition. I am getting rather jealous now. Oh just to embarrass !!! Joe !! Love you home slice and miss you. x Dad Good luck to the rest of the team. Hugh

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