Community Projects so far…

On Tuesday all three of our patrols headed down to the Khumjung School for the first time.

After all the leaders had been briefed on the work needing to be done at the school, they then briefed us. Some if not all of us started on painting, some on the outside of one classroom, others on the theatre hall and a few started varnishing tables and chairs. This then carried on for the next couple of days with one patrol having the morning or afternoon off to help with the acclimatisation, meaning that two patrols would be working at a time. On the Thursday we finished the the theatre hall, in a dashing custard yellow and dark blue, with many of the painting of walls being done from ladders precariously placed, others of us started on rooms for the children boarding at the school from areas around the valley.

Friday was National Children’s day in Nepal and so the Khumjung School held a sports day with other schools, Namche and Pangboche, coming to join in in the schools activities. During the day there were many events such as the triple jump and hurdles. After the children had a go we all started to join in and give it a try, the children found it rather amusing when we dove into the mud pit used for the triple jump. The leaders, Josh and Andy tried the 100m hurdles, of which most definitely exhausted them, it was funny seeing them jump over the hurdles in such strange ways. They were then shown up by the local school children who ran it much faster and for longer. In the afternoon we continued painting the rooms for the boarding children.

On Saturday we headed back to the school to find it empty as we’d become accustomed to the noise of the children there. Later we finished off painting the rooms and started on the theatre roof, where it was rather hot and a little daunting to start off with as the roof would bend and creek as we moved across the roof, but once over the initial fear we were managed to get most of it done before lunch.

Written by Lhotse Patrol.

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  1. Sounds like you are all doing a great job!
    Brings a whole new definition to the term ‘health & safety’ no doubt…
    So be careful and enjoy it!

    Mary x

  2. Hi Everyone!

    Hope you’re having a great time, the weather at home is still terrible. Hope Clare you weren’t too wobbly up a ladder, I know I would be – poor Symonds co-ordination!

    Stay safe – lots of love

    Kate xx

  3. Hey Stuart hope you’re having a really good time, you getting to work? Haha. Miss you looking forward to seeing you. Emma xx

  4. Go Josh….. Sounds like fun for all!!! We must be due to see another photo?? Missing you,but the fridge and cupboards are remaining rather full for a long time. Keep the good work up xx

  5. Its great to hear from you all again and sounds like you are having fun – and working hard too! Sports Day sounded fun – fancy being upstaged by the local children! Any chance of a photo from you? Enjoy the trekking when it starts and look after each other. We all send lots of love. xx

  6. This is a message for CHRIS SLATER:

    It is facinating following your progress! Sounds hard but rewarding work, which is a bit different to ISO and Compliance at Savills! Staff here have been on their 2 week holidays and come back again and there you are far away and no sign of your return for quite a while yet!
    Office Charity Event went really well (it was a baking hot day) and we raised just over £2k, but now we’re definitetly into autumn, and temperatures have dropped – Steve will soon have those radiators on again.
    I will keep any eye on HSX and for photos of you – am I going to see a different Chris on your return??
    Bye for now, take very good care.

  7. Hi stu, hope your having the time of your life. So pleased you managed to speak to James today. I hope your taking loads of pictures to share with us. Have a great time stu, & hi to everyone, keep safe & were all missing you very much, luv from James, mum & rog xx

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