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North Wales – 16th – 18th Jan 2009

What a great weekend…

Firstly we had a good number of people there… Russ, Tom, Lawso, Smudge, Footlong, Everest Dave, Brimelow, Ollie R, Chris S, Nutmeg, Tom R, Besty, Steve & myself.. Also we test stayed in a new place… Coetmor Mill, which everyone agreed was a better place even though it was cold and didn’t have mattresses or comfy chairs!!

Anyway, Saturday we went into three groups.. one group headed over the Carnedd range, one group headed over Tyrfan to the Glyders and Group Russ went shopping… It was a great morning that soon turned into 100mph gusts and torrential rain.. Luckily the Carnedd group were down before the rain started, leaving Group Glyder to get soaked…. Nice..

Saturday night was interesting.. No TV…. We had to survive with just our own conversation, a roast pork dinner and an hour long reason on why the iPhone is the best thing out there…

Sunday, after packing and cleaning the building, we were in two group… Group one did some ML training and Group two visited a tea shop and Group three (Footlong) went for a run…. Also, whilst on the ML training session, we had the great idea to come up with some ML training videos…. Watch this space for more info…

P1180098.JPG P1180110.JPG P1180124.JPG

Great weekend as always.. Thanks to Everest Dave for being Event Director… Thanks to the drivers and thanks to Russ for cooking….

Check out the picture page for more pictures….