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Our plans for the next few days…

We are off to Fireburn for an over-nighter on Wednesday-Thursday. Looking forward to seeing the work the last HSX expedition did over there. We’ll try to give you all an update when we return, so check back Friday evening.

In other news, we are approaching the completion of our various projects over here. A few finishing touches on the main cage, planting grass in the area around it, tidying up the site, and building 14 panels for some further cages.

Thanks for all your messages on the blog, the team always look forward to hearing from you all. We are mostly excited about the possibility of a Christmas package, just hoping it makes it to Belize City by tomorrow as this is the last time Paul will be heading that way before we leave.


6 Responses to "Our plans for the next few days…"

  • Jeremy
    December 20, 2011 - 22:06

    Glad to see that you’re all having such a great time … And getting the project completed. Please keep the pictures coming … Some of your readers have great memories of La Isla and Paul and zoe from the earlier projects, so it’s good to see what you’ve achieved.

    Please say hi to P and Z for me.

    Met any vampire bats yet??


  • Adam Jollans
    December 21, 2011 - 09:32

    Happy Christmas from Hampshire Scouting, and great to hear that the expedition and projects are going so well.

    Hoping you’ll be able to smuggle back a howler monkey and some Mayan relics (only joking !!) – but no mosquitos as we’ve got enough here at Ferny Crofts here already 😉

    Have fun scuba diving and partying over the New Year – looking forward to the reportback when you return

    Adam Jollans
    County Commissioner
    Hampshire Scouting

  • Ian
    December 21, 2011 - 14:15

    Thanks Adam and Jeremy, will pass on your messages. Awaiting our lift to Fireburn as I type

  • Russ Parke
    December 21, 2011 - 20:06

    Well done to you all. It’s great to her that you are having a good time. Look forward to hearing all about it when you return. Merry Christmas and I hope that the turkey goes down well!

    Best wishes to you all.

    Rgds Russ

  • Dave King
    December 23, 2011 - 19:26

    Hi Guys,
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. A request from back home is to please take some video of your time away for a new HSX video we will be putting together for recruiting new members.
    Thanks and enjoy
    Please vid of snorkelling and scuba diving

  • Ian
    December 23, 2011 - 21:41

    Tom has been doing a fair amount of filming on his camera, so will have plenty to share. Lots of great pics too.

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