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HSX is built around training young leaders in the outdoors, so a typical year sees us visiting many of the wilder corners of the UK. Regular weekend trips are complimented with longer trips to both the Lake District and Scotland each year. At each event training is tailored to the specific needs of the attendees. Typically more experienced and qualified members will pass on their skills to younger members and expedition teams.

Jan –  Wild Camping and Hillwalking weekend

Feb – Winter Skills week in Scotland (see a short video here)

Easter –  Lake District, Various activities, NGB Course training

June – Climbing in the Peak District

September – Ferny Crofts

October – Hillwalking in North Wales

December – Christmas meal and Adventure Race

N Wales 1


All weekends have a set price for HSX Members,

£20 in Hampshire and £60 out of Hampshire.

New Members to HSX pay the membership fee as part of thier first weekend, this is an additional £30.

Scotland and the Lake District are more expensive as they run over a longer period.

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