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Next Stop (in 18 hours…)- Patagonia!!

Next Stop (in 18 hours…)- Patagonia!!

After a great farewell presentation yesterday, wishing their parents and loved ones Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and a Happy Birthday somewhere thrown in the mix, the Patagonia team made their way to the airport today, to set off on their 4 week expedition. Everyone in HSX wishes you a safe flight, we hoped you manage to stay occupied for the whole 18 hours, and we look forward to hearing all about your experiences when you get back. Stay safe, take lots of photos, make lots of memories and enjoy every moment. See you at Ferny Crofts on your return!

30 Spectacular Years of Adventure

30 Spectacular Years of Adventure

” I am looking for someone to share in an adventure that I am arranging, and it’s very difficult to find anyone.”
“I should think so- in these parts! We are plain quiet folk and have no use for adventures. Nasty, disturbing, uncomfortable things! Make you later for dinner, I can’t think what anybody sees in them.”

Unlike Bilbo Baggins in The Hobbit, who is dead set against any kind of exploration or adventure, it is clear that HSX members have adventure running through their core.

Last weekend HSX celebrated the 30 year milestone,
That’s 30 years of leading, participating, and developing life changing adventures all around the world.
30 Spectacular years.

The weekend followed our normal September plan, a training weekend at Ferny Crofts, this year we had two current expedition teams in attendance, Cambodia, which are heading off this winter 2016 for 4 weeks, and Patagonia, a team heading off next winter 2017 to Chile. The expedition teams took part in their own programmes, some PT, first aid training and continuous team building were all on the cards. Those who were left also took part training, on how to lead expeditions, running events, learn about budgets etc…All of that exciting stuff.

On Sunday we had a classic big BBQ and were joined by HSX members from the past, who with them bought an exchange of stories and photos that have not seen the light for many, many years.

It was a great afternoon, where the newer members and current expeditions could see where HSX started and came from, and the older members from previous expeditions could see that the sense of adventure is still as strong as it ever was.

Even though we are 30 years old, we feel like we are just getting started, we have a fantastic future ahead, with more adventures, more expeditions and more exciting plans on the horizon.

Somewhere in the story, Bilbo decides that actually, an adventure can be quite exciting, he wishes to see the great mountains, smell the pine trees and hear the waterfalls, ultimately his sense of adventure is overpowered so sets of on a journey.

We still have a journey to complete, and a story to tell.
Thank you to everyone who has ever played any part in our adventures.
Here’s to another, spectacular 30 years.



#HSXJogle – Easter Training in the Lakes

#HSXJogle – Easter Training in the Lakes

With it being Easter, HSX as always have headed to the Great Tower in the Lake District. This year as we’re doing the JOGLE in May, teamHSX JOGLE decided to make it a training weekend and to be honest, I’m pretty glad we did as it was a tough one..

Unfortunately out of the eight of us doing the JOGLE only five could make it to the Lake District (Dave, Chris, Smudge, Craig & myself) as the others had commitments keeping them at home. We did though have an honorary member for the weekend as Footlong joined us as he’s training for a sportive and may join us for a day or two.

Thursday 28th April 

Craig, Dave & myself were there early so we popped out for a short ride.. Just 20km from Great Tower to Bowness & Windermere. Craig had his brand new, never been on the road bike and he was really keen to get out.. However, four miles in to it’s first outing and Craig hit a pot hole and had a blow out, which resulted in us shivering by the side of the road whilst it was fixed.

(20km – 56min – 283m elevation – 636kcal burnt)

Friday 29th April

With everyone who was there now all together we headed out for a cheeky ride.. The weather although cold with plenty of snow on the ground was glorious, so we started cycling towards the Langdales to hit Hardknott pass.. However, this was very snowy and we didn’t fancy a repeat of Box Hill from December.. So we turned around and went on a tour of the Lakes where we hit Coniston, Windermere, 5 Chevron Hill ( a very very very steep hill), Stavely (Wilfs cafe & the largest bike shop in the UK) before heading home. By the time we got home legs were beginning to ache for some of us..

(113.6km – 5hr47min – 1,722m elevation – 3,444kcal burnt)

Saturday 30th April

What a day. All six of us covered our first 100mile bike ride. Not bad considering we were still nursing sore legs from the 70 miles the day before.. An awesome day. I finally visited Braithwaite, proclaimed myself “King Coaster” for my ability to coast very fast down hill (43mph), we had snow, forest tracks, pasties and ale of course for a great day out..

(160km (100miles) – 7hrs45mins – 2,373 elevation – 4,686kcal burnt)

Sunday 31st April

We had to help with climbing and abseiling in the morning, so we chucked our bikes in the van and left at 1400hrs from Borrowdale and headed back. Another great ride, I was pretty broken and dying slightly. However, we had a beer and took the Hawkshead ferry to make it a bit more fun.

(59.2km – 3hrs11mins – 1,122m elevation – 1,995kcal burnt)

After four great days cycling in the Lakes with fantastic weather, we’ve now all got to get our training it as we leave in less than two months… Happy training everyone..

IMG_6322 IMG_6321 IMG_6300 IMG_6294 IMG_6299 IMG_6272 IMG_6274 IMG_6277

Project nears completion and camping with hyenas

Hi from the Team!

We?re currently in Blantyre having successfully finished the vast majority of the school project in Songani. We?re all safe and well and currently helping clear paths (to create fire breaks) and repainting signposts on the trails at Michuru Nature Sanctuary about 8km outside of Blantyre. We?re now camping in the middle of the bush and sharing the site with hyenas (we can hear them but haven?t seen any yet!).

The pics below include; the project as we left it (the contractors are currently finishing the roof, the plastering and the drainage channels), the completed climbing frame with actual children using it ? the creosote hadn?t quite dried but they didn?t seem to mind, post footy (Malawi 3 – England 0), sunrise from Zomba plateau, Mike and his commissioned tea pot and Hayden complete with an M16 (please note parents the lack of a magazine i.e. it?s not loaded!). Just in case you were wondering where the gun came from, it belongs to the Michuru rangers who use it to apprehend poachers and also for keeping us safe.

Anyway, best get back to work, hope all is well in Blighty!