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Chief Scout Gold Award- What’s Your Next Challenge?

The Chief Scout’s Gold Award is the highest award that you can achieve in the scout section. It is a difficult badge to earn, and to do so you must complete a number of challenges – including learning about the world, teamwork, and adventure. The young people that have earned this award have shown great resilience, commitment, and determination, and  should all be rightfully proud of their achievements. To complete …Read More

What a day!

Yesterday held host to our successful information and taster day in Winchester. (If you couldn’t make it, you can still get involved!!) The leadership team were up bright and early making final preparations for the day ahead.  10 o’clock came around too soon, when the doors opened to some eager faces wanting to know more about the expedition. We started the day by getting to know each other, sharing our proudest, …Read More


Just a friendly reminder that tomorrow is our information and taster day,  If you or your parents and guardians would like to know more about; The Leader Team/ Pre Expedition Training/ Expedition Breakdown/Fundraising Opportunities and take part in some activities, then please come along and meet the team on Sunday 24th April, starting at 10am, in a scout hut in Winchester, (Email us for location details!)   Contact us and get involved! Email: (Patagonia@hsx.org.uk) …Read More

Patagonia Recruiting for Ad+Venture

Interested in the HSX Patagonia 2017 expedition but never heard of Hampshire Scout Expeditions before? Why not join us on our annual trip to the Lake District this Easter.   Hampshire Scout Expeditions invite you to Ad+Venture  our annual trip to The Lake District, March 24-28, leaving Thursday evening from various locations around Hampshire. There will be lots of activities available providing introductions to; rock climbing, scrambling, hill walking, gorge scrambling, …Read More

Christmas Weekend 2014

As is tradition for HSX, December saw the group once again converge on Ferny Crofts Scout Activity Centre for our annual Christmas celebrations. Saturday morning saw participants divide into 6 teams for the adventure race, a 3 hour orienteering race across the New Forest with teams trying to gain as many points as possible. This year the race was “expertly” organised by Andy Humphreys, Josh Hicks and Alan Braithwaite, who …Read More