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HSX ART @ The Omm 2009

After last years epic Omm, where the BBC reported 1500 people ‘missing’ in the Lake District and the event was cancelled for the first time in over 40 years, HSX ART are back to win over one of the toughest races in the Adventure Racing calendar. This year it’s to be held in the Elan Valley, Mid Wales.

Follow the exploits of the team at the official Omm website

The teams we have in this year are..

team no

bus time day 1 day 2 competitor 1 town 1 sex/age 1 competitor 2 town 2 sex/age 2

07:18 08:42 08:22 Tom Percy Wickham M29 Zoe Loosemore Wickham F28
07:48 08:50 08:29 Ian Furlong Hereford M26 Martin Haines Southampton M27
09:06 10:31 08:26 James Fry Basingstoke M26 Tim Clark Hook M29
09:42 10:53 09:05 Chris Laws Guildford M28 Dan Gray Guildford M32
10:44 11:45 09:30 Jonathan Hallam Treeton M32 Alan Braithwaite Andover M31
10:56 12:21 08:43 Neil Gregory Manchester M29 Andrew Reed Northwich M27

Good luck to all of you….