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teamHSX on Atacama – All Done (& who won the prize pot)

So…… That’s it.. All done and dusted… And what an awesome experience/adventure we all had. I won’t bother putting a trip report up here, I think Chris’ blog updates and the awesome photos tell the story… However, I will put a couple of things on here. Firstly, I want to link you to one of the other runners post race thoughts… What a write up and he says it all …Read More

The last Breakfast…

So… We’re having our last proper breakfast before we’re shipped into the Desert today.. We meet 1300hrs UK time today for all of the pre-race meetings and check-in etc.. Then we’re busses out to the back and beyond.. Anyway, after 1100hrs UK time, we’re taking no more entries into the prize pot, however you can continue to donate to Cancer Research UK… Also follow our race blogs at www.4deserts.com/atacamacrossing look …Read More

A Day Exploring and Enjoy the Cafes

teamHSX on Atacama have spent the day exploring the town of San Pedro de Atacama today and getting to know where all the cafes are.. ūüôā The town which sits at 2400metres within the driest desert on Earth also gets looked over by the snow capped Andes (check out the picture below)… Which is just cool.. The team also saw the finish line today as the race which starts 0800 …Read More

Details on the course for the Atacama Crossing

teamHSX on Atacama recieved emails today with details on the course… It makes for interesting reading.. Distance of Each Stage The approximate distances of each stage are detailed below.¬† There are checkpoints approximately every 10 kilometers / 6 miles along the course where volunteers and a medical doctor are stationed to give you water and support.¬† Each checkpoint also has a tent providing shade. ¬† Stage 1 – 35.2 km …Read More

teamHSX on Meridian News today…

As mentioned yesterday, teamHSX on Atacama were on today’s news. This link takes you to the main article :- http://www.itv.com/meridian-west/ultimate-chile-challenge61727/ and this link is the small snippet on the lunch time bulletin :- http://www.itv.com/meridian-west/afternoon-news39133/ Also, this evening we broke the ¬£1,ooo mark for our Cancer research fundraising.. please help us get to ¬£6,690… Thanks..

teamHSX on Meridian News

Today, teamHSX on Atacama were joined at Hengitsbury Head (Southbourne, Dorset) by Divya Kohli, ace reporter from Meridian News. She filmed a piece on us to be shown on the Meridian News tomorrow (Monday 17/1/2011) night on the main bulletin. Divya, even said they are keen to join us on our Malaga training session and are even talking about joining us in Chile for the race…. ¬†¬†¬†¬† ¬† teamHSX on …Read More

teamHSX on Atacama – Are now raising money for Cancer Research

Great news… After a successful training run on Butser Hill last night teamHSX on Atacama (Rich Batstone, Chris Laws & Alan Braithwaite) who are running across the Atacama Desert in March 2011 and are trying to raise some cash for Cancer Research are pleased to announce that their pages are now open.. If you’d like to find out more and hopefully donate a bit of money please go to hsx.org.uk/atacama …Read More