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Patagonia 2017


In the UK winter of 2017/18, Hampshire Scouts Expeditions (HSX) are leading a 6 week international expedition to the Patagonian Andes, Chile.

The expedition will involve a team of Explorer Scouts aged 14+ taking part in a community project, trekking amongst the majestic Andean peaks and experiencing the rich South American culture.

There will be 18 months of training prior to the expedition to aid teamwork, personal development and leadership to secure a strong team.

The expedition will start by flying into Santiago (the capital of Chile) and settling into the new culture. Once we have recovered from jet-lag and acclimatised to the local customs we aim to head to the south of Chile, to the Patagonia region. After settling into our new surroundings the team will undertake a community development, working closely with the local community to deliver a project that will benefit the locals for years to come.

Upon completion of the community project, we will head to the Torres del Paines region of Patagonia, where we spend up to 10 days trekking amongst some of the most famous peaks in the world and seeing one of the largest ice-sheets in the world!

It is hoped that as well as being a life changing experience for those involved, members of the expedition team will gain lifelong friends and a greater understanding of other cultures.

If you are interested in the expedition and would like to sign up, or would like to know more about the expedition, then please contact our expedition leader team:

And so it begins

After the best part of 24 hours of traveling the Patagonia team made its way to Santiago. The trip out couldn ‘t have gone smoother, with a short layover in São Paulo providing a much needed chance to stretch their legs.

Meeting our taxi driver at arrivals, we soon had our duffle bags precariously balanced on the roof of the minivan, and headed into the city, passing a few well known sights on the way in.

Upon arriving at the hotel, the team quickly changed out of their uniform, donning flip flops, shorts and cameras, before heading out to explore the gardens of Cerro Santa Lucia. The park is criss crossed with footpath which seem to lead to nowhere and stair cases which just stop. Persevering the team made it to the top of the hill, team be greeted with their first proper views of the Andes!

We popped out for an early (by Chilean standards) dinner and are just about ready to hit the sack. Busy day planned tomorrow exploring the City!

P.S. we tried to upload more pictures for you, but the app didn’ t seem to like it. Will try again in a couple of

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Next Stop (in 18 hours…)- Patagonia!!

After a great farewell presentation yesterday, wishing their parents and loved ones Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and a Happy Birthday somewhere thrown in the mix, the Patagonia team made their way to the airport today, to set off on their 4 week expedition. Everyone in HSX wishes you a safe flight, we hoped you manage to stay occupied for the whole 18

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Training Round Up: HSXPat2017 Part 2

With a new year came a chance for another year of adventures- this is 2017 so far….

January- Dartmoor

The weekend started with a drive down to a scout hut in Dartmoor. We were very excited to receive our first Patagonia team kit. We were each given a light blue t-shirt which had our Patagonia 2017 logo on it, which the team had

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2016 Training Round Up : HSXPat17

Below is a little debrief of all the 2016 training we have done so for Patagonia 2017- Our 4 week expedition to Chilean Patagonia over Christmas and New Year 2017. We hope you Enjoy!

June- Ferny Crofts

This training weekend was to introduce ourselves and do some team building. We started the weekend by developing our group skills via frisbee golf, crate stacking, and

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It’s A Good Day To Have Great Adventures

This Easter 47 Explorers, Network and Scout Active Support members returned to Great Tower for an amazing weekend walking, climbing and ghyll scrambling in the Lake District.

Arriving on Thursday, some at a respectable time, others at 1:30 am after getting lost near (not in) a ford, everyone’s beds were calling for a good night’s sleep.

Friday started with a fabulous hearty breakfast

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Sign up for The Lakes Ad+Venture 2017 is open!!

Hello One and All!

The time has come to sign up for The Lakes 2017!!

Trip takes place from Thursday 13th April- Monday 17th April, aiming to leave Ferny Crofts @ 6pm

We will be staying in indoor accommodation at Great Tower SAC and will have a packed weekend of walking, climbing and Ghyll Scrambling.

If you are Explorer or Network age and

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30 Spectacular Years of Adventure

” I am looking for someone to share in an adventure that I am arranging, and it’s very difficult to find anyone.”
“I should think so- in these parts! We are plain quiet folk and have no use for adventures. Nasty, disturbing, uncomfortable things! Make you later for dinner, I can’t think what anybody sees in them.”

Unlike Bilbo Baggins in The Hobbit, who is dead set against any kind of exploration or adventure, it is clear that HSX members have adventure running through their core.

Last weekend HSX celebrated the 30 year milestone,
That ‘s 30 years of leading, participating, and developing life changing adventures all around the world.
30 Spectacular years.

The weekend followed our normal September plan, a training weekend at Ferny Crofts, this year we had two current expedition teams in attendance, Cambodia, which are heading off this winter 2016 for 4 weeks, and Patagonia, a team heading off next winter 2017 to Chile. The expedition teams took part in their own programmes, some PT, first aid training and continuous team building were all on the cards. Those who were left also took part training, on how to lead expeditions, running events, learn about budgets etc…All of that exciting stuff.

On Sunday we had a classic big BBQ and were joined by HSX members from the past, who with them bought an exchange of stories and photos that have not seen the light for many, many years.

It was a great afternoon, where the newer members and current expeditions could see where HSX started and came from, and the older members from previous expeditions could see that the sense of adventure is still as strong as it ever was.

Even though we are 30 years old, we feel like we are just getting started, we have a fantastic future ahead, with more adventures, more expeditions and more exciting plans on the horizon.

Somewhere in the story, Bilbo decides that actually, an adventure can be quite exciting, he wishes to see the great mountains, smell the pine trees and hear the waterfalls, ultimately his sense of adventure is overpowered so sets of on a journey.

We still have a journey to complete, and a story to tell.
Thank you to everyone who has ever played any part in our adventures.
Here’ s to another, spectacular 30 years.


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Am I fit enough for an expedition?

If any member of HSX were given £1 for every time somebody asked the question, “Am I fit enough to join one of your expeditions?”  or questioned whether they are the right person for “that kind of adventure” I think we would all be in a position to quit our jobs, buy a round the world plane ticket and travel the world forever.

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Phase 2 – Patagonia 2017

The second phase of our expedition is participating in a community project.
As many of you know, our expedition to Patagonia will take place over a 6 week period, Christmas and New Year 2017.

Our expedition is split into four phases, acclimatisation, the community project, trekking and also some R and R.

Scouting has a positive impact on communities across the World.

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