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HSX aims to run a major international expedition at least every 2 years if not more often. If you have any ideas of suitable expedition locations, then we would be glad to hear them.


Future Expeditions

Cambodia  – 2016

Leader Team- Matthew Prince, David Holmes-Evans, Rosemary Harrison, Liam Foster and Clare Symonds

Four week expedition to include Community development project, adventurous activities (trekking, cycling, temple race) & culture touring Ankgor Wat Temples, Bamboo Train & Floating villages of Tonle Sap lake to name a few.

Patagonia – 2017

Leader Team – Chris Slater, Richard Batsone, Ellis Carter-Morgan and Tilly Griffiths

Six week expedition to the Patagonian Andes in Chile including a two week trek in one of the most remote mountain ranges in the world, the Aysen region with a two week community project. It will also include tours of Chile’s rich and vibrant culture and adventurous activities.

Antartica – 2018

Leader Team – Joe Doherty, Oliver Robinson, Chris Slater, Matthew Prince, David Holmes-Evans and Adrian Ellis

The last continent to be explored by HSX. An ambitious attempt to get a scout to the south pole. The training is already underway.

The map  shows all the major international expeditions that we have been on to date, in addition to these we also run Hsx On Tour (HOT) trips these are generally shorter than the big expeditions and mainly just for HSX members to further there skills in the Alps and beyond.

For more information on individual expeditions, please use the links in the table below

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