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  • teamHSX JOGLE – Video No 2

    Another great video from Andy “Smudge” Smith from our epic adventure cycling End to End..

  • teamHSX – JOGLE – The Video

      Here’s our final video… Thanks to Andy “Smudge” Smith for making this in ridiculously record time… Please enjoy it… And if you want to sponsor us, you still can here….

  • teamHSX – JOGLE – The End

    teamHSX – JOGLE – The End

    Apologies for not posting a video on Saturday night or Sunday, but we got caught up in celebrating our result… As you hopefully all know, seven of us completed the 850ish mile journey from John O’groats to Land’s End.. It was tough,very tough and we were all really pleased to see the signpost and finish..…

  • End of Day 6 Blog..

    The penultimate day. Don’t forget, you can sponsor us here..

  • End of Day 5 Blog

    At the team fly down the country, their daily update videos get stranger and stranger.  Manchester To Ledbury today.

  • End of Day 4 Blog

    The team pass the halfway mark

  • End of Day 3

    Only 100 or so miles today, hardly worth getting out of bed for.

  • Day 2 – The Morning After

    No time for an update at the end of day 2, after 165miles and an 11.30pm finish the boys were straight to bed (after a quick pizza). So here the are the morning after, looking bright and cheerful.

  • End of Day 1

    The team are in good spirits after 10 hours peddling on day 1. Just 6 more to go!

  • Day 1

    The long drive up North