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  • teamHSX on Atacama – All Done (& who won the prize pot)

    So…… That’s it.. All done and dusted… And what an awesome experience/adventure we all had. I won’t bother putting a trip report up here, I think Chris’ blog updates and the awesome photos tell the story… However, I will put a couple of things on here. Firstly, I want to link you to one of […]

  • Day 6 – The Finish Line

    Alan and Rich crossing the finish line after Day 6, and 250km running across the desert behind them. Chris followed shortly after, competing the final stage despite having to pull out of the penultimate stage after suffering from a bout of vomiting, unable to take on fluids and any food – an extremely tough yet ultimately sensible and necessary […]

  • The Long Awaited Rest Day

    Not long after I sent yesterday’s update Alan and Rich appeared at the finish line. In spite of covering just 15km in the first 3 1/2 hours before I withdrew they had an absolutely blinding run from there onwards and covered 73km in less than 12 hours. People continued to arrive throughout the night and […]

  • Stage 5

    While Alan and Rich are part-way through stage 5, I find myself at the overnight camp quite a lot earlier than expected. Just before the start of this morning’s stage I was wretching and throwing up. We debated whether I should start, but given the cool conditions it seemed worth pressing on to checkpoint 1 […]

  • What’s going on in the Desert?

    I’ve spotted a picture of Alan and Rich crossing the finish line of ‘The Long March”. The guys look very pleased to have made it, looks like it took a lot out of them. A little worrying that Chris is not in shot. Keep an eye on the website for more info, and cross your […]

  • Stage 4

    Another challenging day. I went through a bit of a low patch between 10km and 20km but Alan and Rich carried me through and we crossed the line together, although not as quickly as we’d have liked. No idea where we are in the team standings, but I was happy enough just to finish. Tonight’s […]

  • TeamHSX go through the tunnel!

  • TeamHSX say hi from the Atacama!

    Alan and Richard say hi on video! They are looking well, please remember that you can still sponsor them for Cancer Research!

  • Stage 3

    The guys remain in 23rd after another 7 hour day. The distance and the climate seem to be taking their toll on the field, as it looks like around 17 people have pulled out already. We’ve had another good day. Not quite as strong during the race as stages 1 and 2, but we all […]

  • Stage 2

    A long second day, taking the guys over 7 hours to complete around 41km – but teamHSX are the top placed team! Will their competitive edge get the better on them and tempt them to push too hard? Let’s just hope their steady approach continues to work for them.   We’ve now ticked off the 41.8km of stage 2. […]