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  • Everest ER – on the BBC!

    See our very own Sky High team on the BBC. The program follows the Everest medical team over the 2007 climbing season. The shows closely follows our team in their summit attempt and the highs and lows of the team.

  • Russ Parke – MBE

    Russ Parke has been awarded an MBE for services to Hampshire Scouting. This award is well deserved especially for all the time he has and continues to devote to HSX. WELL DONE RUSS!!!! Photos and more details to follow.

  • HSX Christmas Weekender

    What a great weekend we just had…. It was the 3rd Annual HSX Christmas Quiz Weekend featuring the 1st Annual HSX Adventure Race which also featured a Christmas meal and a forum… Busy Times… Anyway, the 1st HSX Adventure Race was great. Chris Laws done an amazing job at sorting the course and setting it…