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  • The Tour Du Mont Blanc

    The Tour Du Mont Blanc

    The group photo taken outside Heathrow airport on the 5thSeptember featured 7 members of Hampshire Scout Expeditions who were about to embark on a challenging expedition to trek the famous Trail Du Mont Blanc. None of us truly knew the immense task ahead that we had signed up for. The route in question was to […]

  • Day 4 – The Team Reunite!

    Day 4 – The Team Reunite!

    I write this having found accommodation at the last minute due to discovering our planned refuge for tomorrow night failed to get a permit for this season (that would explain the lack of response!).  With typical Swiss efficiency, the errors in our email were highlighted and corrected and we were told that we weren’t lucky […]

  • Latest update on HSX Mont Blanc

    Latest update on HSX Mont Blanc

    “Things are going well, we are already underway with day three.” “Day 1 – Les Houches to refuge bonhomme les croix 30km with over 2000m of ascent.  Much to the delight of those staying in the refuge we bivvied our waking up to ice on the outside but fantastic views over the alps and our […]

  • And we’re off…

    And we’re off…

    I’m writing this from over 10,000m up as we travel at over 800km/h across the English Channel on our way to Geneva. Geneva is just the start of our adventure! As We’ll then travel onto Chamonix, which is the home of Alpine adventure before we start our trek on Friday morning. However, just a few […]