Snowdonia 2023

by | Oct 21, 2023 | Training, Trip Report

October saw 21 members of HSX return to Snowdonia for the first time since 2019. The aim of the weekend was to build up on experiences from earlier in the year, putting into practice peoples navigating and route findings skills, and introducing the young people to scrambling.

Saturday started out grey and drizzly, but not to be put off by the weather teams headed out on Tryfan to scramble up the east side of the mountain, above the Heather Terrace.

This was a good test of peoples nerves, with careful hand and foot placement needed on the wet and slippery rocks, but both teams made it to the summit in time for lunch.

Descending of the mountain, Stuarts groups came across an injured walker who had just fallen and broken their leg. Not wanting to leave the stranded walker the group went over the provide first aid. Instinctively some of the young people signaled to other walkers and managed to flag down a fellow outdoor instructor who escorted the team down whilst Stuart and Chardae provided aid to the causality until Mountain Rescue arrived.

 Once all safely back at the bunkhouse, the team dried out, warmed up and enjoyed a delicious curry whilst gathered around iPads to watch England v South Africa in the Rugby World Cup semi-final.

In a complete contrast to the day before, Sunday was a blue bird day, with bright sunlight and clear skies.

Wanting to make the most of this teams headed back into the Ogwen valley, with teams tackling Y Garn and the Devil’s Kitchen, before pilling into the van and heading back to Hampshire.