Making a difference

by | Dec 17, 2016 | Cambodia 2016 | 2 comments

During HSX’s time in Siem Reap, Cambodia. The team has been working at the Children Development Organisation (CDO). This is an organisation that accommodates, feeds and educates Cambodian children, many of which have lost both their parents, from the ages of 3-16.

The HSX team has been working improving the standard of the current site. This was tricky at first as a strong language barrier is put in front of us. Matt, Kenneth, Ed and Bradley made easy work of a path that need care and attention. Claire, Becky, Anna, Cerys were on paint fences duty. Whilst Liam and Rosemary started planning their biology lesson focusing on body parts for Liam and the organ systems was Rosemary’s topic.   

A major task was given to us late on the second day of constructing a drainage system from the Kitchen area to the roadside, approximately 100 metres. Matt was chief conductor of Team Dig. With his background in Engineering, Construction work and Product Management the Team was in safe hands and in good spirits.

The tools we were using were basic, inefficient and low in abundance.  As a lasting donation we have donated a new shovel and pick axe. Operation Trench was working well, then the rain came down. Matt’s face when he walks into the compound seeing the high level of water in the trench was one to be framed. However, this did soften the ground and progress increased and Mr Prince was smiling again. Over time Team Dig dug further, deeper and modified their master piece to an impressive feit of engineering which will hopefully improve conditions for the children during times of heavy rain.

Another task included cutting and bending metal rods into squares. These are used to make the internal frame of walls for the new site. This is hard work made easy by 8-year-old boys, however the HSX team struggled at first in the heat but soon reached the high level of competence the production line needed. Liam and Cerys setting the record of metal squares at a grand total of 16 in 5mins.

Painting the wooden framing of the kitchen area was task 3 on the ever growing and never ending list of jobs that need to be completed. Over here pain is mixed with gasoline to thin the paint making it last longer. This was completed in good time.

The project is hoping to move to new land in the next year. The Dry season is needed before any foundations can be laid and as we have some fairly heavy showers this construction has been delayed.

Sunday is our final day at the CDO. To finish we will be running different sports for the children to play in. Football is a huge interest here with all the boys having big aspersions of being as good as their hero’s Messi, Ronaldo and Neymar.

The HSX team has really enjoyed our time with the CDO and hopes we have made a lasting difference.