After the longest journey in the world; complete with 2 flights, 3 buses, and 3 foreign countries, we are finally at our destination.

We’ve fallen in love with the food here (it’s good food compared to the plane meals), especially the great rice. Cerys in particular is in love with the hotel orange juice, which she describes as “like drinking gold”. Leaving Bangkok

We spent yesterday in Thailand, stepping off the plane into 33oC heat which is apparently “very mild weather.” Bangkok was incredible; the city was the perfect blend of urban glory melded with nature. Some of the businesses advertised their clients on the windows, including Cheryl Cole, David Beckham, Zac Efron, and the entire Chelsea football team. We’re sure they’re  regulars. Our evening meal was great, finished off with magical entertainment by Max the Magician who assured us was better than dynamo – to his credit, he was. To end the day, we went for an evening swim in the hotel pool under a beautiful purple sky. The water was colder than expected, but the warm air and breath-holding-competitions more than made up for it.

Despite the 2am awakening and jet lag, we set off at 9:30 in good spirits. (Becky got her fix of coffee that she’d been craving Crossing into Cambodiasince England. For lunch, just before the Cambodian border, we stopped at the (surprisingly amazing) Tesco food court and had great meals despite the language barrier and squat toilets.

Crossing into Cambodia was as hectic as playing chicken run blindfolded – “an experience and a half”. Nothing beats carrying a heavy bag across busy streets in midday heat!! We all got across happily and safely; we could finally celebrate being in Cambodia! The remaining bus journey was complete with a culture talk from our host – he taught us about the religion, as well as some key phrases that I won’t even try to spell here.

Night market artworkThis evening we walked around the Siem Reap Night Market, and now have the urge to buy all of the cool and colourful things. We can’t wait to go back there this week. Tomorrow, we start the community project – building the orphanage nearby.

We hope you’re all good back home, even if your weather is worse than ours (we’re writing this from a hammock under a perfect breeze).

Love from Team Cambodia

3 responses to “HELLO FROM CAMBODIA!!”

  1. Glad all going well and your journey was uneventful.
    Good luck for the start of the community project

  2. Great to hear you are all in good spirits. Night market looks very colourful and what amazing food.

  3. One week into trip hope all is going well. Looking forward to more updates when allows

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