HSX ART @ The Rat Race, Sheffield

The 1st/2nd August saw HSX ART enter the Rat Race in Sheffield. The Rat Race bills itself as the Ultimate Urban Adventure (basically an adventure race in the city rather than in the mountains). It was a great couple of days which saw the team partake in the Mean Streets first, a 2.5 hours assault on foot of Sheffield city centre. We were given an A-2-Z of Sheffield and had to go chasing after the checkpoints, these included activities like climbing, singing ?Amarillo? on stage in the City Hall, flipping beer mats in a pub, throwing some shapes at one of the cities many night clubs, running into the middle of a city fountain and riding the flume at the swimming pool and many more.

Day 2 of the Rat Race was Nine2Five Challenge. A linear route to be completed in under eight hours. The route predominantly on bike, also included a running section, kayaking stage & a big abseil in the Magna Centre, which is a disused steel works from the 60?s, 70?s & 80?s. Some of the bases on this day included, scoring a conversion at the Sheffield Eagles Don Valley Stadium, riding around a BMX track, visiting the home of the Full Monty, riding ringos down the local ski slope and lots more.

It was a great couple of days and I?d recommend anyone have a go if you fancy a multi activity day, whilst doing some great activities…

Provisional results released by Rat HQ today put HSX ART (Alan Braithwaite & Jon Hallam) in 17th (not the best as we made a couple of stupid mistakes) and Fusion (not HSX ART but featured HSX?s very own Ian Footlong) in 12th. There were 36 teams altogether. Well done to both teams and see you at the next race soon…

The event was also filmed and it will be on Channel 4, 13th September 2009 at 0800hrs….. Autographs to follow…

Below are a couple of photos from the event….


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  1. Looking forward to the London Rat Race. Remember to check out Transworld sport in September, they were covering the event

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