Saturday 15th August saw Alan Braithwaite and James Fry of the HSX ART at the ACE Race at the Queen Elizabeth Country Park. Alan raced as a solo for HSX ART and James raced as one half of a pair as the team The Lost Boys.

It was a great day out where luckily the hot hot sun we?d had, disappeared behind some clouds for the day, which was good for us.

The race consisted of running & mountain biking off road, whilst navigating and having to complete five challenges, one of which was a short downhill mountain bike course..

To spread out the start, the organisers decided to put the maps 1.5 miles away, so we had to run and get them and return to our bikes.. What they then told us, was that the 1.5 mile run was up the Butser Hill… For those of you who know the QECP, that?s no small hill.. This broke the pack up sufficiently with both James & Alan being in the lead 10 teams at this point.

The race was also split into to two loops. If you completed the main loop within four hours, you were allowed to complete the Endurance Loop. The Lost boys, unfortunately didn?t make it back in time, however Alan did and he went onto the Endurance Loop..

Both James & Alan said they had a great day and would encourage others to have a go at it if they are interested.. feel free to ask them about it… There are a couple of pictures below..

Final results were…

HSX ART – Alan – 4th in class & 9th overall

The Lost Boys – James & John – 13th in class & 41st overall….

Pictures are –

Butser Hill (the maps were by the mast), The competition, Alan after and James & John after.

2 responses to “HSX ART @ The ACE Race, QECP”

  1. Great result guys. Last time I was QECP was for trek cart about 8 years ago and there was a rave at the top of the hill.

  2. Ha ha…. I remember that Trek Cart… Oh, the glory days of Trek Cart… Actually, I met Emily at the last ever Hampshire Trek cart.. That may of been an omen… 🙂

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