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Stage1 - The finish lineOver the last few years, various members of HSX have found themselves competing increasingly reguarly in all types of races, from road races to Mountain Marathons and Adventure Races all across the country. This has led to the forming of teamHSX.

To find out more about our adventures, please have a read of the various blogs from events below.


The last Breakfast…

So… We ‘re having our last proper breakfast before we’ re shipped into the Desert today.. We meet 1300hrs UK time today for all of the pre-race meetings and check-in etc.. Then we ‘re busses out to the back and beyond..

Anyway, after 1100hrs UK time, we’ re taking no more entries into the prize pot, however you can continue to donate to Cancer Research UK…

Also follow our race blogs at www.4deserts.com/atacamacrossing look for Chris

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A Day Exploring and Enjoy the Cafes

teamHSX on Atacama have spent the day exploring the town of San Pedro de Atacama today and getting to know where all the cafes are.. ūüôā The town which sits at 2400metres within the driest desert on Earth also gets looked over by the snow capped Andes (check out the picture below)… Which is

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teamHSX on Atacama fly soon for their race.

Hi All,

1st March sees the team flying to Chile to start their acclimatisation for the Atacama Crossing… Please feel free to wish them all luck…


We have loads of new prizes in the prize pot including ‘signed Mcalren hats, by Jenson & Lewis’ , a ‘heart rate monitor’ and many many more…

So, please help us raise bucket loads

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Details on the course for the Atacama Crossing

teamHSX on Atacama recieved emails today with details on the course…

It makes for interesting reading..

Distance of Each Stage
The approximate distances of each stage are detailed below.  There are checkpoints approximately every 10 kilometers / 6 miles along the course where volunteers and a medical doctor are stationed to give you water

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teamHSX on Meridian News today…

As mentioned yesterday, teamHSX on Atacama were on today’s news.

This link takes you to the main article :-
and this link is the small snippet on the lunch time bulletin :-
Also, this evening we broke the ¬£1,ooo mark for our Cancer research fundraising.. please help us get to ¬£6,690…

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teamHSX on Meridian News

Today, teamHSX on Atacama were joined at Hengitsbury Head (Southbourne, Dorset) by Divya Kohli, ace reporter from Meridian News. She filmed a piece on us to be shown on the Meridian News tomorrow (Monday 17/1/2011) night on the main bulletin.

Divya, even said they are keen to join us on our Malaga training session

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HSX Training South Wales

The next HSX training weekend is taking place on 28th – 20th January 2011.

We have booked the Hampshire education centre at Argoed Lloyd (nr Brecon) it has 22 beds with more to add if we get a large take up. the cost for the weekend is £55.

Dave King is the event director,

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teamHSX on Atacama (less than two months)

With less than two months now until teamHSX On Atacama fly and the race starting, the guys are really hotting up their training and sponsorship. Training trips planned, include a weekend in Malaga and lengths of Bournemouth beach.

They’re still alos trying to hit their target of ¬£6690 for Cancer Research. To sponsor them

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Christmas Adventure Race

As with every year, HSX had their annual forum on the approach to Christmas and has been the tradition for the past three years, this year was also the Adventure Race.

Once again, the weather kept us on our toes. 2008 had rain and floods, 2009 had ice and cold and 2010 saw a

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Peru team on the radio…

So one day back from Peru and we were already on radio Solent at 7:30am. Me, Doug and Katie went to the station this morning to be interviewed by Julian Clegg who asked us lots of questions like, what was the orphanage like, has the experience changed us, what was the journey like, how

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HSX Annual Adventure Race – Results

Now in it’s 2nd year, the eagerly anticipated HSX Winter Adventure Race gave 18 competitors the opportunity to lose all feeling in their feet. Sub zero temperatures and some sneaky control placements meant some runners learnt some route choice lessons the hard way, by ending up waste deep in freezing bogs. The route planner

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