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Stage1 - The finish lineOver the last few years, various members of HSX have found themselves competing increasingly reguarly in all types of races, from road races to Mountain Marathons and Adventure Races all across the country. This has led to the forming of teamHSX.

To find out more about our adventures, please have a read of the various blogs from events below.


JOGLE Team support Ambassador Scout Ride

Saturday 9th of May saw the launch of Hampshire’s new Scout Ambassador, James Ketchell, with a ride around various Scout huts in Hampshire meeting fellow Scouts and undertaking a few challenges en route.  We thought this would be a great opportunity for the JOGLE team to meet up, support James and gain some valuable

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Scout Ambassador Ride

On Saturday 9th March, the JOGLE team took part in a Hampshire Scout Ambassador cycle ride to launch Hampshires new Scout Ambassador James “Captain Ketch” Ketchell..

A full update will be coming soon, for now here’s a picture from this weeks Southampton Daily Echo where a few of us snuck into the picture back

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teamHSX in Trail Running Magazine

Our very own Lucky CFO Alan Braithwaite went out into the New Forest yesterday with two other lucky readers of Trail Running Magazine, the Editor & a photographer to do an article for next autumns edition of Trail Running Magazine.

We can ensure you it will be worth a

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teamHSX on Atacama – All Done (& who won the prize pot)

So…… That ‘s it.. All done and dusted… And what an awesome experience/adventure we all had. I won’ t bother putting a trip report up here, I think Chris ‘ blog updates and the awesome photos tell the story… However, I will put a couple of things on here.

Firstly, I want to link you to one of the other runners post race thoughts… What a write up and he says it all pretty well.. Navigate here http://www.4deserts.com/blogs/comptetior_blog_new.php?pid=OTQy&blog=21 and read Ian’ s second blog entitled ‘Till the next time…’

Who won the Prize Pot & Sponsorship update!!! Oh, the excitement… Well, thanks to all of you we managed to raise a whopping £6190.34 inc gift aid for Cancer Research UK… A massive thank you goes

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Day 6 – The Finish Line

Alan and Rich crossing the finish line after Day 6, and 250km running across the desert behind them. Chris followed shortly after, competing the final stage despite having to pull out of the penultimate stage after suffering from a bout of vomiting, unable to take on fluids and any food – an extremely tough yet ultimately sensible and

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The Long Awaited Rest Day

Not long after I sent yesterday ‘s update Alan and Rich appeared at the finish line. In spite of covering just 15km in the first 3 1/2 hours before I withdrew they had an absolutely blinding run from there onwards and covered 73km in less than 12 hours. People continued to arrive throughout the night and the final finishers crossed the line about half an hour ago.

Today we don’ t have a lot to do apart from eating, drinking and chatting. Although that may summon up images of a pleasant lunch in a restaurant it ‘s worth bearing in mind that we’ re actually in a tent in the desert, haven ‘t washed for 7 days, and all the food we have is freeze dried or in PowerBar form. The tent is starting to become rather… fragrant, so the afternoon breeze will be extremely welcome to get some air circulating.

I also seem to have lost a bit of weight, which isn’ t surprising given I ‘ve walked/run 175km and have only taken in about 2700kcal each day. My hips definitely seem a bit more prominent than before, and any trace of stomach flab has disappeared. Although some would consider this an encouraging start to their 4th decade, I’ m intending to reverse it before we head

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Stage 5

While Alan and Rich are part-way through stage 5, I find myself at the overnight camp quite a lot earlier than expected. Just before the start of this morning’s stage I was wretching and throwing up. We debated whether I should start, but given the cool conditions it seemed worth pressing on to

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What’s going on in the Desert?

I ‘ve spotted a picture of Alan and Rich crossing the finish line of ‘ The Long March “. The guys look very pleased to have made it, looks like it took a lot out of them. A little worrying that Chris is not in shot. Keep an eye on the website for more info, and cross your fingers that the team are still all on track.

Results have been updated, and unfortunatley it looks like Chris has pulled out somewhere in stage 5. I’m sure it’s nothing serious, as there is no way the others would have continued without him other unless they were happy he would be okay. My guess is that Chris’ problems from stage 4 came back in full force on the killer 76km stage and the others left him a a mid-stage check point.

On the brightside, Rich and Alan completed the mammoth leg in just 11h58, placing 17th for the stage! I bet they realised they were close to a sub 12 hour stage and really pused on in the latter stages – hence why they look so tired in the photo below. The pair have now rocketed up the leaderboard back to 23rd overall and top placed team with a 5 hour cushion on the next placed team.

Now an easy rest day and a ” short” ~20km jog to the finish line tomorrow. Let’s hope Chris recovers well and the whole team completes the race together. Great work guys.

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Stage 4

Another challenging day. I went through a bit of a low patch between 10km and 20km but Alan and Rich carried me through and we crossed the line together, although not as quickly as we ‘d have liked. No idea where we are in the team standings, but I was happy enough just to finish.

Tonight’ s campsite seems a bit on the windy side, so I reckon we have a 50-50 chance of

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Stage 3

The guys remain in 23rd after another 7 hour day. The distance and the climate seem to be taking their toll on the field, as it looks like around 17 people have pulled out already.

We ‘ve had another good day. Not quite as strong during the race as stages 1 and 2, but we all felt pretty good at the end so can hopefully keep up the pace tomorrow. Feet and legs are in reasonable shape although my rucksack straps are starting to take their toll on my shoulders.

A Japanese film crew are filming a documentary about the race, and allegedly we have a Japanese celebrity taking part although so far we’ ve failed to establish who it is or what they ‘re famous for. Hiroshi (or anyone with Google and a lot of time!): can you shed any light on this?

Hope all is going well for those in Barcelona. 3 days in, I can confirm that this is a piece of piss compared to winter testing. The tent is only marginally less comfortable than the Granollers, and I’ m getting 9, yes NINE, hours of sleep!

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Stage 2

A long second day, taking the guys over 7 hours to complete around 41km – but teamHSX are the top placed team! Will their competitive edge get the better on them and tempt them to push too hard? Let ‘s just hope their steady approach continues to work for them.

We’ve now ticked off the 41.8km of stage 2. It seemed much harder going than yesterday, but looking at our finishing position it seems to have been a similar story for everyone. Amazingly, we’re still the first placed team, although this really isn’t part of our game plan: we’re not here to win!

We’ve had another delightful freeze dried dinner. Tonight it was 800kcal of chicken korma followed by a well-earned cup of tea while watching the spectacular sunset. Once that’s disappeared we’ll no doubt be treated to another awesome view of the stars.

Thank you very much to Alex for his concise summary of Licancabur volcano, and thank you to everyone else who has sent us messages of support. We really do appreciate it.

Tomorrow it’s another 40km. Bring it on!

If you’ d like to drop the team a message, you can do so here. I’m sure it

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Race Day

TeamHSX are making the final preparations for race day! Join me in wishing Alan, Chris and Richard the best of luck for the next week and hope that they all survive the dessert to complete the Atacama Challenge! Attached are some photos I found of the 4dessert website! Please encourage everyone you know

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