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Malawi Expedition – Trip report

Below we have a few word from Expedition Member David Cribb. Pictures coming soon. Well, I think in general we had a pretty good expedition. Now that we?re all back in the UK and most of the group has gone back to work or college or school, we?re often seeing things that remind us of our time in Malawi, still making jokes made in Malawi and genuinely happy that we …Read More

A Quick Malawi Expedition Update (#1)

First update on the Malawi blog for a while, due to the fact that we’ve been really busy recently , something about building a school or something… Since our last update we’ve been to Mt Mulanje where we embarked on our epic climb to try and summit the highest peak, Sapitwa which holds an ancient Chichewa curse of bad luck for all those that set foot upon the peak. After …Read More