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Cambodia 2016



In the winter of 2016-2017 (December-January) HSX are leading an international expedition to Cambodia!

On 10th December 2016, four leaders from HSX and 7 Hampshire Scouts will jet off to Cambodia. The expedition will be HSX’s first to that region but will also celebrate 30 years of Hampshire Scout Expeditions.

Our journey will see us fly from London to Bangkok, before tackling the journey into Cambodia via coach. Once we have arrived in Cambodia our time will be spent between Siem Reap, Battambang, Phnom Penh, Sihanoukville and of course, our Jungle Trek in Chipat.

We will be teaming up with the Cambodian Scouts in Siem Reap for our community project and Hanuman for the Jungle phase of our expedition.

To keep up to date with our latest news and adventures please follow our blog below.


The Leaders

Matt Prince, Liam Foster, Rosemary Harrison & Clare Symonds.

The Leaders

The Team

Anna, Becky, Bradley, Cerys, Ed, Kenneth & Tom.

The Team



*Expedition Uniform & Hammocks sponsored by Craghoppers

30 Spectacular Years of Adventure

” I am looking for someone to share in an adventure that I am arranging, and it’s very difficult to find anyone.”
“I should think so- in these parts! We are plain quiet folk and have no use for adventures. Nasty, disturbing, uncomfortable things! Make you later for dinner, I can’t think what anybody sees in them.”

Unlike Bilbo Baggins in The Hobbit, who is dead set against any kind of exploration or adventure, it is clear that HSX members have adventure running through their core.

Last weekend HSX celebrated the 30 year milestone,
That ‘s 30 years of leading, participating, and developing life changing adventures all around the world.
30 Spectacular years.

The weekend followed our normal September plan, a training weekend at Ferny Crofts, this year we had two current expedition teams in attendance, Cambodia, which are heading off this winter 2016 for 4 weeks, and Patagonia, a team heading off next winter 2017 to Chile. The expedition teams took part in their own programmes, some PT, first aid training and continuous team building were all on the cards. Those who were left also took part training, on how to lead expeditions, running events, learn about budgets etc…All of that exciting stuff.

On Sunday we had a classic big BBQ and were joined by HSX members from the past, who with them bought an exchange of stories and photos that have not seen the light for many, many years.

It was a great afternoon, where the newer members and current expeditions could see where HSX started and came from, and the older members from previous expeditions could see that the sense of adventure is still as strong as it ever was.

Even though we are 30 years old, we feel like we are just getting started, we have a fantastic future ahead, with more adventures, more expeditions and more exciting plans on the horizon.

Somewhere in the story, Bilbo decides that actually, an adventure can be quite exciting, he wishes to see the great mountains, smell the pine trees and hear the waterfalls, ultimately his sense of adventure is overpowered so sets of on a journey.

We still have a journey to complete, and a story to tell.
Thank you to everyone who has ever played any part in our adventures.
Here’ s to another, spectacular 30 years.


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HSX Cambodia on Craghoppers

Craghoppers state that “A polo is always a smart choice for a travel bag”.  This seems suiting giving our polo shirts will be coming on a near 3000mile journey to Cambodia in December 2016. The HSX Cambodia Expedition is supported by Craghoppers who have donated team uniform to the Expedition.

We kicked off our recent training weekend in the Lake District handing out

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HSX Cambodia @ The Lake District

After a slow start being stuck in Winchester due to heavy bank holiday traffic, HSX eventually headed up the motorway towards the beautiful Lake District without too much delay. We arrived at 1.30am at Great Tower Scout Activity Centre; bed was the one thing we were all ready for, so we hit the sack.

Following a fairly good night’s sleep, it was great

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One month later

Well according to Robert Plant and Jimmy Page there are two paths which lead to the Stairway To Heaven, a legendary song that was inspired by a ‘trip’ to Cadair Idris.  On the weekend of the 22nd to the 24th of January HSX also climbed the Stairway To Heaven, enjoying a wet and windy weekend in the mountains to the south of the

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With Christmas quickly approaching, we were all ready to attend our first HSX Christmas weekend, which was made even more exciting by highlighting the fact that in a year’s’ time we will be on our expedition!

Saturday Morning started straight away with our first ever attempt at the annual Christmas Adventure race. We managed to enter 3 teams into the Amateur Category, and

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HSX Cambodia in North Wales

With most HSX members packing their bags for the October weekend the week before, some of the Cambodia Leaders and HSX members didn’t get back into the UK until the early hours of the Friday morning from their trip to Kalymnos. With a few hours’ sleep, (thankfully other members of HSX were driving) on Friday evening we set off to North Wales, collecting

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HSX Cambodia – Training Begins

Training Begins

We have just had a very successful start to our training, with an action packed weekend at Ferny Crofts Scout Activity Centre; The home of Hampshire Scouting. The weekend was a great opportunity to bond with the team and marked the start of our journey to Cambodia with activities focused around developing skills that would be used on expedition, particularly bush

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HSX Cambodia – Location, Location, Location

The HSX Cambodia Expedition will spend a total of four weeks in country undertaking three main tasks; a community project, an adventurous trek and culture touring. We have highlighted our favourite places we will be visiting below.

Siem Reap  

“Siem Reap is a fast-growing city with plenty of new hotels, restaurants and nightclubs. But chances are, you’re here not because of the city

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HSX Cambodia – 18 Months of Training. Part 2.


The first training weekend of 2016 will be spent in the snowy Brecon Beacons refreshing the navigational skills learnt in 2015. We will be joining other HSX members on this trip, so again it’s a good opportunity to talk to older members about their journeys and expeditions. Other focuses of this trip will be camp craft, team building, communication and developing fitness.

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HSX Cambodia – 18 Months of Training. Part 1.

Unlike other expeditions, participants of HSX get 18 months of training prior to departure. This is to ensure you get the most out of the experience and help develop you for the future and maybe leading future expeditions. HSX are arguably the most active provider of International Scouting expeditions and hold regular training trips throughout the year to ensure our skills stay fresh

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  • Mark Hensby
    December 17, 2016 - 11:00

    One week into the trip hope all is going well. Looking forward to more updates when time allows!

  • Russ Parke
    December 25, 2016 - 07:45

    Happy Christmas to you all Enjoy your Turkey and Christmas Pud! Or whatever you have instead. Russ

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