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Belize 2011/12


Ian, Mark and Charlotte lead a team to Belize over the Christmas and New Year of 2011-2012. The expedition was based at Wildtracks, a conservation charity in the North East tip of the country.

The 10 expedition members spent three weeks on their project of building a new primate sanctuary to help improve the facilities for the national primate centre. The new enclosure, now the largest in the country, provides a home to those primates for whom release back into the wild is unlikely.

The rest of the time was spent exploring Mayan ruins, making friends with the local Scouts and relaxing on the beaches of San Pedro.

The blog entries from the expedition can be found below.


Back from the Jungle

Hi all,

We are back from Fireburn. We spent the night in the fieldbase that the last expedition put the roof on. The forest has changed quite a bit since then, as in 2007 there was a big hurricane and the jungle was flattened (the building was okay). The jungle is till regrowing to

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Our plans for the next few days…

We are off to Fireburn for an over-nighter on Wednesday-Thursday. Looking forward to seeing the work the last HSX expedition did over there. We’ll try to give you all an update when we return, so check back Friday evening.

In other news, we are approaching the completion of our various projects over here. A

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Update from Colm

Saturday morning and on our first day off of work, we have to wake up at the most ridiculous time so far, thus resulting in a large amount of last minute packing. We managed to catch the bus without incident and then just a few minutes after setting off, the bus broke down (setting

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Update from James

Good morning all family members, fellow scouting types and other forum followers! It’s James here for a quick update on the Belizean front. All is going very well on the cage construction, as Ian posted yesterday. Currently half of us are finishing the wiring on the top of the structure, whilst the rest of

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The new enclosure takes shape

We ‘re well into the project now, the main frame on the monkey enclosure is in place and the wiring is being pinned in place as I type. We are planning to spend most our time on the project this week, before heading off for some cave tubing and a trip to Fireburn next week (with a few smaller projects thrown in for good measure).

We celebrated Clare’ s birthday on Sunday, and the local cake baker in the village produced a fantastic cake. Looking forward to Charlotte ‘s birthday, just so we can order another!

Raining here today, but sure it’ ll pass soon. Hope all is well back home, and it’s not too cold!


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The building begins…

It ‘s been a full week here in Belize and after decimating carefully managing the environment to clear around an acre of land for the new primate enclosures. But it hasn’ t all been hard work:

On Friday we had a day off travelling to Lamanai, an ancient Mayan city with the highest Mayan temple in Belize which is suitably named the ‘High Temple’ . This was our first day outside of our jungle home since we arrived. On our trip we encountered three crocodiles,

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Project underway

Hi all. Just coming to the end of our 3rd full day here already. Spent Monday cleaning down our new home and moved in. We are staying in the original hut built by HSX on their first visit here back in 94(ish). Some great construction, it ‘s still standing strong. Found lots of mice, scorpions, bats and other crawlies but hopefully they have moved out now!

Tuesday was great, we were shown the Manati here (Twiggy) and the 10 monkeys in various cages. Was good to hear more detail about what we will be working on and what help we can be. As soon as we have the pre-release enclosure set up some of the howlers will be introduced to it, as they progress to full release next year.

Today the bulk of the work started; clearing jungle for the new cages and painting the hut white. I’ m sure everyone will sleep well!

Apologies for

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