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Antarctica 2018

Check out the HSX Antarctica website

The six members of HSX Antarctica, led by Joe Doherty, will attempt to become the first Scout expedition in the world to ski to the South Pole then kite ski back, a total distance of 1,400 miles. To find out more about this exciting world first for the Scout Association check out the website.

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Don’t forget the basics!

“Don’t forget the basics!” reminded our ski instructor Ludo, as we peered tentatively over the edge of the steep icy black run Clocher de macle.

Rewind the clock back four days and we were being rudely awoken by the piercing sound of our early morning alarm call. “Why on earth did we book onto the 05:30 flight!?” exclaimed Dave,

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New Year, New Challenges!

Happy New Year!

So the New Year has well and truly began and the festive celebrations now seem like a distant memory. The team have been working hard behind the scenes over the last few weeks and thought it was high time to bring you up to speed with our latest developments and exciting new challenges and events for

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Are we nearly there yet?

“How much further have we got Joe” Matt asked whilst struggling for breath after the battle up Tryfan.

“At least another 14km and then another 1000m of ascent up the next 7 mountains” Joe replied,  struggling to make light of their current situation.

On the morning of our final challenge of the year it is fair to say we

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