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Antarctica 2018

Check out the HSX Antarctica website

The six members of HSX Antarctica, led by Joe Doherty, will attempt to become the first Scout expedition in the world to ski to the South Pole then kite ski back, a total distance of 1,400 miles. To find out more about this exciting world first for the Scout Association check out the website.

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Top Tips for Winter Mountaineering

Prior to joining the rest of the Antarctica team at Badagusih this February, Joe headed up to the Cairngorms early to complete his Winter Mountain Leader training.

Based at Glenmore Lodge, one of three National Mountain Centres in the UK, the centre provides training and assessments for instructors as well as coaching course for the general public in a

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Scottish Ski-Touring Adventure

February saw the Antarctica team assemble at Badaguish near Aviemore. Joe, fresh from his Winter Mountain Leader training down the road at Glenmore Lodge, joined the rest of the team who had made the long journey up from the South.

The team planned to spend most of the week on a ski mountaineering course, building upon the success of

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You’ve got to be kidding me!

Image this… you’ve just walked 15km up a 900m mountain, battling 40-50mph winds, in temperatures barely above freezing and a wind-chill of -5oC.  Now picture the heavens opening and contents of your tent is slowly filling with rain…

… You’d probably think that things couldn’t get much worse!  Well as Joe and Ollie were about to experience, you’d be

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