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Antarctica 2018

Jurassic Triple – The Challenge of all Challenges!

“Who said that was the Rollercoaster? Rollercoaster are meant to be fun… that was more like the Hills of Hell!”   Two weeks after completing the Jurassic Triple, the team have just about recovered from what has been the single hardest challenge to date. Running a marathon is often regarded as one of the hardest physical and mental endurance events a person can undertake, dragging oneself around a 26.2 mile …Read More

Jurassic Triple – Route information!

It’s just over a week to go until the Antarctica team take on their next grueling challenge… the Jurassic Triple! The months of training have been building up to this, three back-braking marathons along Dorset’s the South West Coastal Path. We are running it over 3 days from Friday 6th May to Sunday 8th May, staying in local Scout huts along the way. The team will be supported along the route by members …Read More

Antarctica Summer Gala Fundraiser 2016

The Antarctica Team invite you to join them for a night of food and fundraising! On Saturday 18th June 2016, the University of Southampton plays host to our first gala event to raise money for the expedition. This will be a great chance to meet the team, learn about Antarctica and enjoy a fantastic evening of food and entertainment. The evening will start with a complementary drinks reception overlooking the …Read More

Top Tips for Winter Mountaineering

Prior to joining the rest of the Antarctica team at Badagusih this February, Joe headed up to the Cairngorms early to complete his Winter Mountain Leader training. Based at Glenmore Lodge, one of three National Mountain Centres in the UK, the centre provides training and assessments for instructors as well as coaching course for the general public in a variety of sports. Over the six day course Joe learnt the …Read More

Scottish Ski-Touring Adventure

February saw the Antarctica team assemble at Badaguish near Aviemore. Joe, fresh from his Winter Mountain Leader training down the road at Glenmore Lodge, joined the rest of the team who had made the long journey up from the South. The team planned to spend most of the week on a ski mountaineering course, building upon the success of the recent Alps ski trip in December. Making the most of …Read More

You’ve got to be kidding me!

Image this… you’ve just walked 15km up a 900m mountain, battling 40-50mph winds, in temperatures barely above freezing and a wind-chill of -5oC.  Now picture the heavens opening and contents of your tent is slowly filling with rain… … You’d probably think that things couldn’t get much worse!  Well as Joe and Ollie were about to experience, you’d be wrong! This was not what the start of the HSX January …Read More

Don’t forget the basics!

“Don’t forget the basics!” reminded our ski instructor Ludo, as we peered tentatively over the edge of the steep icy black run Clocher de macle. Rewind the clock back four days and we were being rudely awoken by the piercing sound of our early morning alarm call. “Why on earth did we book onto the 05:30 flight!?” exclaimed Dave, “it’s not even 02:00 yet!” replied Chris as we began to …Read More

New Year, New Challenges!

Happy New Year! So the New Year has well and truly began and the festive celebrations now seem like a distant memory. The team have been working hard behind the scenes over the last few weeks and thought it was high time to bring you up to speed with our latest developments and exciting new challenges and events for 2016! Updates Firstly, 2015 was an immensely successful year for the …Read More

Are we nearly there yet?

“How much further have we got Joe” Matt asked whilst struggling for breath after the battle up Tryfan. “At least another 14km and then another 1000m of ascent up the next 7 mountains” Joe replied,  struggling to make light of their current situation. On the morning of our final challenge of the year it is fair to say we were all nervous, this was to be the toughest challenge of …Read More

HSX Antarctica at The OMM

Over the weekend Ollie and Chris took part in The Original Mountain Marathon (The OMM) a 2-day mountain event, combining endurance, navigation and mountain survival skills: This year’s event was held in the Tweedmuir Hills in the Scottish Borders, and began with a torrential downpour, ensuring we were soaked from the start. To ensure that no team has an unfair advantage over fellow competitors, route maps are handed out on …Read More