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Next Stop (in 18 hours…)- Patagonia!!

After a great farewell presentation yesterday, wishing their parents and loved ones Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and a Happy Birthday somewhere thrown in the mix, the Patagonia team made their way to the airport today, to set off on their 4 week expedition. Everyone in HSX wishes you a safe flight, we hoped you manage to stay occupied for the whole 18 hours, and we look forward to hearing …Read More

Training Round Up: HSXPat2017 Part 2

With a new year came a chance for another year of adventures- this is 2017 so far…. January- Dartmoor The weekend started with a drive down to a scout hut in Dartmoor. We were very excited to receive our first Patagonia team kit. We were each given a light blue t-shirt which had our Patagonia 2017 logo on it, which the team had designed previously. After a few hours of …Read More

2016 Training Round Up : HSXPat17

Below is a little debrief of all the 2016 training we have done so for Patagonia 2017- Our 4 week expedition to Chilean Patagonia over Christmas and New Year 2017. We hope you Enjoy! June- Ferny Crofts This training weekend was to introduce ourselves and do some team building. We started the weekend by developing our group skills via frisbee golf, crate stacking, and a pioneering activity where we had to …Read More

It’s A Good Day To Have Great Adventures

This Easter 47 Explorers, Network and Scout Active Support members returned to Great Tower for an amazing weekend walking, climbing and ghyll scrambling in the Lake District. Arriving on Thursday, some at a respectable time, others at 1:30 am after getting lost near (not in) a ford, everyone’s beds were calling for a good night’s sleep. Friday started with a fabulous hearty breakfast and everyone getting split into groups for …Read More

Sign up for The Lakes Ad+Venture 2017 is open!!

Hello One and All! The time has come to sign up for The Lakes 2017!! Trip takes place from Thursday 13th April- Monday 17th April, aiming to leave Ferny Crofts @ 6pm We will be staying in indoor accommodation at Great Tower SAC and will have a packed weekend of walking, climbing and Ghyll Scrambling. If you are Explorer or Network age and a Hampshire Scout, you are more than …Read More

Been there, done that, got the vest.

It’s incredible to think that after all we’ve done in Cambodia, the entire team is still rushing through the markets of Siem Reap to buy last minute souvenirs and gifts, before our long journey home. This just goes to show how immense and diverse this maze of a market is. Whilst this makes it seem like we’ve only been shopping, we’ve had plenty of time to do some incredible things …Read More

Welcome to the Jungle

Today we returned from our 5-day trek through the jungle. Much hotter than our training in Wales, the Cardamom mountains provided the perfect setting for this expedition of just under 80km. The scenery was incredible; so beautiful it could be confused for a computer screen saver. Obviously, it changed drastically day by day. Sometimes we were surrounded by impenetrable jungle; others the backdrop of the mountains stood out against the …Read More

International Scouting

Continuing our discovery of Cambodia’s dark history, on the 23rd December we went to the Killing Fields of Choeung Ek . We were expecting something resembling an old felid, but instead found a beautiful memorial park; the audio guide revealing the harrowing story that lay beneath the serenity. The killing fields of Choeung Ek is one of hundreds found around the country, but by far the most famous. Following imprisonment and …Read More

Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum

Due to the nature of the museum, photographs were prohibited from inside the grounds. After a late start in the day we embarked on our potentially most upsetting, yet important day of our trip. The Tuol Sleng Genocide museum was the secret centre of a network of nearly 2000 prisoners, where people were tortured by the Khmer Rouge as they tried to turn Cambodia into an extreme communist country. As …Read More