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All set for home!

Hi All, This will probably be our final post.? I’ll leave all the good stories and pictures for the team to relay at the presentation. We are now at Fat Monkeys in Cape MacClear, and have just finished our final breakfast in Malawi. The flights have been confirmed and the times have not changed. We’re all packed and will drive back to Lilongwe soon before flying out very early tomorrow …Read More

A Quick Malawi Expedition Update (#2)

After painting signs and sweeping paths for the Michiru center, we broke camp and headed straight for mulanji, after pitstopping at shopright to stock up on vital food for our treck up mulanji or sapitwa as the highest peak of 3002m is called. After 2 days of relatively easy trecking, first day up 1000m onto mulanji? plateau the second along to the base of sapitwa from the mulanji plataeu we …Read More

A Quick Malawi Expedition Update (#1)

First update on the Malawi blog for a while, due to the fact that we’ve been really busy recently , something about building a school or something… Since our last update we’ve been to Mt Mulanje where we embarked on our epic climb to try and summit the highest peak, Sapitwa which holds an ancient Chichewa curse of bad luck for all those that set foot upon the peak. After …Read More

Project nears completion and camping with hyenas

Hi from the Team! We?re currently in Blantyre having successfully finished the vast majority of the school project in Songani. We?re all safe and well and currently helping clear paths (to create fire breaks) and repainting signposts on the trails at Michuru Nature Sanctuary about 8km outside of Blantyre. We?re now camping in the middle of the bush and sharing the site with hyenas (we can hear them but haven?t …Read More

Buildings and Football

We have nearly finished building the classroom as the roof is going up today and tommorrow. We are having a football match against the malawian scouts tommorrow and on monday we are going to have a trek upto zomba plateau and to the waterfall. Everyone is fine we’ll try and update again soon. Here are some photos for you to enjoy.

Quick Post From Mike

I haven’t got much time – we need to find somewhere for lunch and meet joe in 10 minutes. The brick work didn’t get completed yesterday, I don’t know what else we expected to happen after we showed the Malawians how to tea-break. We?are in Zomba, and have had a look round the market. Have managed to buy fod and some rediculous y-fronts. Mike

An update on Malawi from Charlotte Walsh

Today marks a week since our arrival in Malawi, and so far everything is going pretty well. After a mammoth day of flights, we arrived in Lilongwe at about 1 o’clock, and after successfully making it through customs and collecting all of our luggage, we proceeded to Mabuya campsite, our base for the first two night. It was here that we met Sam, an English scout who moved out here …Read More