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Another 5 reasons to go on an expedition.

So, in an earlier blog post, we gave you 5 great reasons to go on an expedition, now whether it is with us (we hope it is) or any other Scout expedition, we truly hope that it will be a life changing experience. Here are another 5 great reasons to put on those hike boots and start walking.

Getting away from the crowd; Many beautiful places in the world are also some of the most visited, but while other visitors are taking the easy road to the most popular sites, you can venture to more remote locales. Having this opportunity brings you up close to the wildlife and to seldom-explored areas, allowing you to see wildlife that can be found nowhere else in a way few others can.

Give something to others:  As part of the community project, everyone will have the opportunity to give something to others, whether that is painting a classroom so they can learn in a safe environment , to building a toilet house to provide better sanitation. Working with locals in our community projects is invariably one of the most enriching and life-enhancing parts of the expedition.

The people: The people on the team, as well as the people you meet, are sure to become lifelong friends. There is nothing quite like sharing a tent for a month, dealing with expedition challenges together to form lifelong friendships.

The CV: From a purely academic point of view, an aspect which is undoubtedly important for many young people, expeditions look great on your CV.

In 40 years time, ( or even sooner…) youll probably regret the things you didn’t do, rather than those things you did.

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