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Christmas Weekend

HSX Christmas weekend – 21st to 23rd December 2012


The weekend started with 10 members of the Nepal team packing bags for Tesco customers in Marchwood. It was busy and hard work, but well worth it as we raised over £500 for the Nepal trip.

Things started to quieten down around 6:30 so we took the decision to head to Ferny Crofts where Alan and Tom had prepared a delicious chilli con carne for us. Chris Laws and Rich turned up just in time for dinner, having been out in the pouring rain setting out the control points for Saturday’s adventure race.

After dinner we counted the bag packing money, and there was lots of time to catch up with everyone.


The HSX members who hadn’t arrived on the Friday night arrived around 9.30ish ready for the traditional annual adventure race. Keeping up with tradition – the rain continued to pour! Fortified by Alan and Rich’s bacon butties, the Nepal team joined up with the other HSX members  and we gathered our teams in the Lodge.

At 9.50 the maps and punch cards were given out to each team then the teams had 10 minutes to plan a route and be ready at the cattle grid at the entrance of ferny crofts.

The race started at 10:00 by the cattle grid. The aim was to get around the course as quickly as possible, punching the card at each point. The flags were really hidden carefully, and surprisingly difficult to find considering they are bright orange! There were two categories Veterans for those harden adventure racers and the Newbies, designed for those of us who had never entered a race before: The results where as follows;


1st Alex Kedge
2nd Ian Tom R
3rd Alan Tom P



1st Sam Steve
2nd Louis Andy
3rd Clare Josh


In the afternoon the Nepal team cooked Christmas dinner for 35 people.  The starters were deep fried prawns with salad, Pate and salad and Mexican soup with a roll. Main course was a choice of Turkey or Pork with vegetables, roast potatoes and all the trimmings. This was followed by chocolate mousse, a variety of cheesecakes and Christmas pudding. Not many of us had cooked on mass before so everyone doing a little bit towards each meal got the job done.  When deciding if the meat was cooked Josh said “it’s still frozen” which was impossible because it had just come out of a very hot oven…..he thought the label on the meat bag was ice- this made us all laugh!!!

Then after dinner there was a quiz kindly set by Alex and Kedge, which was in turn followed by a few games. The games included: “the card board box” game, “table bouldering” game and lastly –  “lift someone off the floor whilst they are lying on their back” game.



The Nepal team got up for a 7.30 PT session in which they all had to hold onto a pioneering pole whilst running and doing other challenges, including crossing a bog! This helped team work because we all had to communicate with each other to do each challenge. After commando crawling up a hill we were all caked in mud.

This was followed by the HSX Christmas forum during which new people were elected for each position e.g. chairman and event directors. For some of us it was our first time sitting in on the forum so it was really useful to find out about how HSX is run, and what happens behind the scenes to make the fantastic expeditions happen. It looks like there are some amazing trips planned for the future so watch this space!

The weekend was rounded off with the Nepal team doing a presentation for their parents, informing them of what they have achieved so far this year.

Thanks to everyone for a fantastic weekend – Happy New Year,


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