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Update from James

Good morning all family members, fellow scouting types and other forum followers! It’s James here for a quick update on the Belizean front. All is going very well on the cage construction, as Ian posted yesterday. Currently half of us are finishing the wiring on the top of the structure, whilst the rest of us, including myself, are excavating a lot of Mayan ruins, which surround the cage, and reconstructing them, creating a good bit of dry stone wall.  We like to think we’re teaching the Ancient Mayans a thing or two about how to build. Everybody is firing on all cylinders, as Netto, our handyman helper and building instructor, is leaving on Friday. Weather is improving, but still having to dodge a few sprinklings of tropical rain. I’m off for now to finish another section of wall, and then to make lunch for the happy workers, hopefully keeping us happy, we rarely go hungry!

I will try to get another post in during our time here, but the team will keep updating as much as possible.

Speak soon


One Response to "Update from James"

  • Dave & Caroline
    December 17, 2011 - 08:29

    thanks for the updates and pictures, looks great progress and sounds like everyone having fun; we’re following the blog avidly so keep on posting

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