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What’s going on in the Desert?

I’ve spotted a picture of Alan and Rich crossing the finish line of ‘The Long March”. The guys look very pleased to have made it, looks like it took a lot out of them. A little worrying that Chris is not in shot. Keep an eye on the website for more info, and cross your fingers that the team are still all on track.

Results have been updated, and unfortunatley it looks like Chris has pulled out somewhere in stage 5. I’m sure it’s nothing serious, as there is no way the others would have continued without him other unless they were happy he would be okay. My guess is that Chris’ problems from stage 4 came back in full force on the killer 76km stage and the others left him a a mid-stage check point.

On the brightside, Rich and Alan completed the mammoth leg in just 11h58, placing 17th for the stage! I bet they realised they were close to a sub 12 hour stage and really pused on in the latter stages – hence why they look so tired in the photo below. The pair have now rocketed up the leaderboard back to 23rd overall and top placed team with a 5 hour cushion on the next placed team.

Now an easy rest day and a “short” ~20km jog to the finish line tomorrow. Let’s hope Chris recovers well and the whole team completes the race together. Great work guys.


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