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A Quick Malawi Expedition Update (#1)

First update on the Malawi blog for a while, due to the fact that we’ve been really busy recently , something about building a school or something…

Since our last update we’ve been to Mt Mulanje where we embarked on our epic climb to try and summit the highest peak, Sapitwa which holds an ancient Chichewa curse of bad luck for all those that set foot upon the peak. After 3 days climbing 5 members?of the team?were succesful?in reaching the summit of 2998 metres with the remainder all succeeding in climbing to 2600 metres before being forced to turn back to poor weather conditions. Our Guide, Jeffery, said that it was the worst weather that he had ever summited in and genuinely looked shell-shocked when he made it back down to the lodge!

After safely making it down the mountain we traveled to a community just outside Blantyre where we worked together with?a youth group?as part of?the Joshua Foundation project?to help rebuild some thatch roofs for the community and to rearrange a library and build a sign for the Milo School of Secondary Education.

After saying goodbye to our new freinds and exchanging email addresses we returned to Makwawa to continue our work with the Malawian scouts to finish building the school. Our good work received the attention of the Malawian Media and we gained a spot on the Malawian evening News.

We then said goodbye (But not forever, as the Malawian scouts sang!) to Makwawa and Headed to Liwonde National Park where we have been for the last 3 days. We’ve been lucky and have seen Elephants, Kudu, Water buck, Hippos, Impala?and Crocodiles on a Jeep, Canoe and motor boat safari. There was also much celebration with much of the team receiving their GCSE results to the sight of elephants in a malawian sunset 🙂

We’re Currently on the way to Mangochi for the next part of the trip.

Hope Everything is alright back in the UK!

David Cribb

One Response to "A Quick Malawi Expedition Update (#1)"

  • Cribb Family
    August 29, 2009 - 10:57

    Thank you David for the update on what you have been doing over the last few weeks. We have all been thinking of you all and knew it was a busy time so it was great to turn on the computer this morning and read all about it! It all sounds wonderful and we are looking forward to seeing you all next Saturday and hearing more about the trip. I expect you have some magical moments and photos to share with us all.

    Dad and Mark left yesterday for group camp so I have some time to myself this weekend. Dad and Lesley have over 70 to cater for over the weekend so it is quite a task they have taken on. As you know he enjoys it all and is off armed with big plans to build an outside oven to bake their own bread etc for the camp. I shall look forward to hearing how it all goes when they back on Monday night!

    You must have been really pleased to get your results we were not surprised you did so well but pleased and proud of you. I had to phone Peter Symonds on Thursday to give them your results and the receptionist said David must be very pleased with his results I had to tell her I was not sure if you had got my message at that point, but we were pleased for you. She thought that was very funny.

    Enjoy next week and we look forward to seeing you all next Saturday!!!

    Lots of Love
    Mum xxxxxx

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