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Sign up for the Lakes Adventure 2018 is Open!!

Calling all Explorer and Network Scouts!
Interested in a long weekend of climbing, ghyll scrambling (Abseiling waterfalls and jumping and sliding into pools of water) and hiking in the Lake District? ( Here ‘s a video of last year!) 

Between Thursday 29th March -Monday 2nd April in the Easter Holidays Hampshire Scout Expeditions are running a trip to the Lake District. We will be staying at Great Tower Scout Activity Centre and will have an action-packed weekend full of activities.
Please find below further information, and continue to fill out the Google form if interested.
The fun kicks off leaving Ferny Crofts on Thursday 29th March from around 6 O’ clock pm.  There will be pick up points at Winnal Tescos as well as Eastleigh train station, however please indicate on the form your preferred pick

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New Years Eve

Today we woke up early to be out the hostel by 6:00 and had a quick shower before heading out to the tourist centre to get on the penguin tour. We were on the boat by 8:00 and headed out.

We had a quick brief about how the tour was going to happen but

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Punta Arenas Cultural Exchange

We ‘ve had a busy few days since we last updated you so here we go.

Christmas Eve started with a trip south of the city to Fuertre Bulnes. This was the first settlement in the area and we found it fascinating to see how the settlers survived the harsh conditions. Montserrat also led us on a walk around the area to several viewpoints where we could look out over the Magellan Strait. On the way back we stopped at a small family owned café for some amazing empanadas.

Later on in the evening we gathered for Christmas Eve. Rob and Rich were at their house and everyone else was at Jonathan’ s house. At Jonathan ‘s we feasted on some of the best food we’ d ever seen until we were stuffed full. In Chile they celebrate Christmas at midnight on Christmas Eve so the house was full of anticipation, counting down the minutes. Eventually it came and we joyfully opened our presents. We played a few Christmas games and then hit the sack.

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HSX revolves around taking teams of young leaders, Network and Explorer Scouts to the far corners of the world on rewarding and memorable adventures.


Weekends away in the hills focus on building core technical skills so all members to enjoy the countryside while keeping them selves and others safe. Training is based around both Scout awards and national governing body awards.


From hillwalking to climbing, abseiling to mountain biking - if it's outdoors and fun we'll probably give it a go.


As well as technical outdoor skills, we find that expedition members tend to grow personal skills when faced with the challenges that come their way when stepping out of their comfort zone.